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How can anyone expect to lose stubborn belly fat and get lean with all of the restrictive diet plans that have become so popular recently?

What do all of the “popular” diets have in common?

They prevent you from eating specific foods at specific times of the day. Now tell me, why haven’t you gotten the results that you want using restrictive and limiting diets?

Because They Are Too Unrealistic, Too Confusing And Not Practical.

The worst part about the whole thing is that, more often then not, you’ll get sucked into using one of these diets and get nothing but frustration and anger with your lack of results.

If it’s anything like mine, then your daily routine is a non-stop marathon all day every day.

Do you honestly have the time to worry about what foods that you can’t eat at the same time with other foods?

Do you have enough time in your day to stop whatever you’re doing every 3 hours to eat some bland foods?

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you had a diet that allowed you to make a snap decision on the go in a pinch and grab food wherever your day takes you? Yes, even if you’re out on the road or at a restaurant with co-workers.


I’ve spent over 10 year researching and studying what diets work and why they produce results and the one common trend in all of those diets is that…

You Must Have Flexibility In Your Diet To Eat The Foods That You Actually Enjoy Eating While Following A Simple Diet System

Here’s what you’ll uncover in the 2011 Quickstart Diet Guide:The Abs Edition…

  • My strategic and research proven cheat meal system that allows you eat whatever you want occasionally without hindering your fat loss progress

  • The JST simple diet design “plug and go” system. Just add your target bodyweight into my formula and you’ve just laid out the ONLY diet that you’ll need in 2010 to lose fat and build muscle.

  • The RAW truth about eating fat and getting lean. So many people tell you that you can eat large amounts of supposedly “healthy fats” but are they really healthy for your body and good for your physique? I’ll give you the real and inside story.

  • How to determine the optimal amount of protein that skyrockets your results. Miss this one and you’ll be behind 6 months in the quest for your ideal body.

  • My EXACT “go to” supplement programs for losing fat and building muscle. Revealing NO WHERE else online, I tell you which supplements that he takes and when to increase his results.

  • The A-Z guide for tweaking your diet for continual results.I have NEVER revealed how he adjusts his clients diet and training programs week by week so that they continually get results, UNTIL NOW

  • The 2011 QuickStart Grocery Shopping List. Think you can just walk into the grocery and buy some healthy foods and get results? Not if you want FAST progress. I don’t recommend the same foods as he did in 2010. I’ve gone through all the complex research and boiled it down to an effective food list that contributes to quicker results.

  • Sample meal plans for men and women!  Want to get rid of your bad diet habits ASAP? I’ve included a sample meal plan for men and women that will help you make a change right now!

  • To Help You Start 2011 Off With A Bang, You’ll Get A ***Brand NEW*** Bodyweight Workout As A Special Bonus.

    In his brand new bodyweight workout, X-23, I’ve combined thebest techniques from strength training cardio workouts to give you a unique and ultra effective bodyweight workout that harnesses the power of your own bodyweight.

    In A Workout That Can Be Done Anywhere, You’ll Discover….

  • A 3 exercise alternating “explosive” set that doubles the effectiveness of tradtional bodyweight exercises.

  • My latest metabolism enhancing leg-upper body shift training combinations.

  • The easy way to burn more calories in 15 minutes, 4 day per week, than everyone else who spend 60 minutes in the gym 7 days per week.

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