Here's how to double your arm size and strength in 12 weeks using unconventional but proven arm training methods...

Who Else Wants To Build Bigger and Stronger Arms Twice As Fast?

Isn’t it time that you stopped wasting your time on useless arm workouts that have you growing at a snails pace?

Traditional bodybuilding and strength training methods have failed you countless times, over and over again

Admit it…you continually hit plateaus in your arm and strength development.

Listen, I’m just like you. I’ve wasted time and years with useless and ineffective arm training programs that didn’t build muscle and left me frustrated.

But after years of research, trial and error and training hundreds of clients including bodybuilders and models I’ve develop a proven system that helps you build bigger and stronger arms twice as fast when compared with tradtionalarm workouts.

Nobody wants to spend 6 months doing what they could accomplish in 12 weeks…

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If you want different results then you’ve had thus far, you need to change how your doing things.

Think about the look at you want…visual it…

Full round, lean biceps that pop like your hiding a softball under your skin..

Veiny and defined forearms that scream strength and power…

I’ve experimented tirelessly on hundreds of clients in my private performance center in Stamford,CT and precisely refined my methods on hundreds of online clients worldwide..

I’ve crafted my own body to resemble the very physique that I promise you (that’s me on the right)

The only reason I’m able to write to you today is because I’ve been able to transform skinny average guys and weekend warriors who have terrible muscle building genetics  into muscular and jacked people in the shortest amount of time possible.

That’s right, if I couldn’t deliver the eye popping, noticeable results like I’m promising you on this page over the last 10 years I wouldn’t be able to stay in this business.

But I deliver results and I’ll come through for you too..


Here’s What You”ll Discover Inside The 12 Week Ultimate Arm Training System



  • The exact, french strongman arm technique that literally forces your arms to double in strength over four weeks.
  • My step-by-step program that guarantees that you’ll develop better looking arms in 12 weeks without dangerous supplements or grueling long workouts.
  • How to avoid picking the wrong arm exercises so you’ll see progress right away
  • The overlooked, yet powerful way to force your biceps into growth so you never have puny arms again
  • Why you should give up on curls for the rest of your life if you want muscular arms
  • 3 easy ways to make cable exercises more effective (plus how to fix what you’re doing wrong now)
  • My favorite triceps exercise tweaks so you can finally build your entire arm.
  • How I’m able to slightly modify the most commonly used arm exercises so you can experience the same explosive growth and pump.
  • How a quick change of wrist position can dramatically alter your arm growth


What Makes Ultimate Arm Training So Different From Every Other Arm Program On The Market?

The secret behind the noticeable and quick improvements in arm size and strength that Ultimate Arm Training is able to deliver comes from my advanced knowledge of the central nervous system. While most workouts only activate and stimulate one muscle fiber, Ultimate Arm Training stimulates and activated all three muscle fibers while selectively targetting the elusive type IIX fibers that produce the fastest size and strength gains.

When you follow the scientifically proven three stages over the 12 weeks of Ultimate Arm Training you’ll tap into hidden muscle fibers that haven’t been touched since your VERY first workout. You remember what those results were like right?

These three different, cutting edge phases progress you to achieve the fastest growth and power possible…

I could easily charge $60 for this 12 week program but I’ll slash the price in half by 50%…

You  get access to my entire 12 week Ultimate Arm Training make over for a one time payment of just $30


The 12 Week Ultimate Arm Training Program To Build Bigger, More Defined and Stronger Arms

Our 30/60/90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren’t absolutely thrilled with my 12 week arm training makeover then please email me ASAP and I’ll personally work with you to get the kind fof results you expect. That’s never been a problem however. As a matter of fact Jimmy’s advice as been featured on ABCnews and in Men’s Fitness, that’s the sign of a great trainer