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  • The 3 mistakes I made when I tried to build muscle using bodyweight workouts so you can gain precious amounts of lean muscle.
  • Why one, oft-ignored, exercise can skyrocket your fat loss by 60% (Hint: your not even moving)
  • The 7 bodyweight exercises that literally force your metabolism to speed up like a race horse at the Kentucky Derby.
  • The reason that traditional supersets are dead and how you can avoid this mistake so you burn more fat.
  • What NOT to do if you ever want to lose stomach fat.
  • My super-secret muscle intensity technique to increase lean muscle growth so you get more out of your bodyweight workouts.
  • 2 extreme push-ups variations that rival any 300 pound bench press for upper body definition.
  • The exact way to add plyometric exercises to your bodyweight workout to double your gains
  • 1 “ninja” way to add minutes to your plank (image how good your stomach would look if you could do a 3 or 4 minute plank)

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When Sold Individually….

The Calorie Scorch System 4 Week Bodyweight DVD is $39.99

The Metabolism Red Zone 4 Week Bodyweight DVD is $39.99

The SuperSonic Muscle Building 4 Week Bodyweight DVD is $39.99

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