If you want to discover the key to health and fat loss then pay close attention to this letter….

Give Me Just 3 Minutes And I’ll Show You How You Can Burn Fat And Get A Flat Stomach In Your Basement With No Expensive Equipment.

Who Else Wants To Get On The Fast Track To Fat Loss?

Can I be honest with you for a minute?

Let’s face it. You can only change your body so much through the traditional training approaches. After awhile you stop losing fat, your joints start to hurt from the heavy weights and you lose your energy. Basically, you  hit a plateau and the only way you can break through and continue to lose fat is to workout harder and longer and who has the time and energy for that?

But there’s no promise that it will work….you need something different!

Ask yourself “yes” or “no” to each of these questions, have you noticed one or more of these happening to you?

  1. Can’t lose body fat?
  2. Can’t gain muscle?
  3. Metabolism has come to a screeching halt?
  4. Joints start to hurt out of the blue?
  5. You have to spend more and more time in the gym but only get the same results?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions then you need to consider bodyweight workouts…

I Knew It Was Time For A Change….

I was in the same position as you once but I did something about it, will you? I love bodybuilding and love training that way but after awhile I knew I needed something different. My training wasn’t working the way that it was suppose to and everything was in reverse. I tried everything but nothing would work

  • More Cardio? Didn’t work and I was in the gym for over 2 hours a day!
  • More Exercises? All that I got was shoulder and hip pain.

At this point I was frustrated, I didn’t know what to do..

How I Stumbled Upon A Forgotten Fat Loss Method

Now for a few years I’ve known about the power of bodyweight exercises and bodyweight workouts but I never thought they were for me. I always ignored them and thought I was too tough to try them. That is until one of my good friends purchased a book filled with bodyweight exercises.  We started talking about training one night and placed a friendly wager.

If he couldn’t handle a 60 minite bodybuilding workout bodybuilding workout, he’d give me $100. And if I couldn’t just do a simple, silly bodyweight workout for 15 minutes, I’d owe him $100

Easiest $100 I’d ever make, I remember saying to myself when we shook on it.

First up was the bodybuilding workout and we hammered legs. I was sure that his bodyweight exercises wouldn’t be a match for leg presses, hack squats, legs extensions and leg curls.

“Must of been a lucky day” I recall saying to him after he finished the last set of calf raises with his shirt barely wet.

Two days later it was my turn to try his 15 minutes bodyweight workout and I was sure that I’d be making some cash. We’ll after 5 minutes, I lost my lunch.

I wasn’t able to handle just 5 minutes of pure bodyweight training and I was embrassed. I handed him the $100 and left, angry at the world.

So I started becoming obsessed with conquering bodyweight training. And after a weeks of practice, I finally started to see, for myself, how I could change my body by using my body.

As I became more convinced in the power of bodyweight training, I tried to convince others but they were skeptical. The problem was, they wouldn’t do a trial workout with me. So I need to write this article about the myths associated with bodyweight training.

Bodyweight Workout Myth #1 The only way to burn fat with bodyweight exercises is to do super high reps.

Most people assume that since you don’t use external weight with bodyweight exercises that they can’t burn fat or that you need to use 20 plus reps to get any type of fat loss. Wrong! While bodyweight workouts burn fat through multiple different ways, the biggest advantage of them is that you are forced to use a full range of motion. Most people think that they are doing dumbbell and barbell exercises with a full range but it’s impossible when you have a external weight. Your body just reaches a point that it can’t past.

When this happens, you limit your fat loss. Not with bodyweight workouts, since you use a complete range of movement, you actually can burn more fat!

Bodyweight Workout Myth #2 Bodyweight exercises are only good as a substitute for cardio.

Since bodyweight exercises raise your metabolism so much, it’s easy to think that they can only be used in place of cardio. Cardio requires long and steady effort which is completely different then the short and intense, muscle building effort that is needed to perform bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight Workout Myth #3 Bodyweight workouts only work if you have more than 25 pounds to lose.

I’m not sure if it’s because people watch the Biggest Loser too much but the notion that only  people with over 20 pounds to lose can reap the advantages of bodyweight exercises is false. Not only can bodyweight workouts stimulate your metabolism so much that they help you burn stubborn fat around your stomach and hips but they can also be used as a new weapon to jumpstart your fat loss when progress has stalled. Plus they introduce a new unique twist into your training program.

Bodyweight Workout Myth #4 You can’t rapidly lose fat and building muscle at the same time with bodyweight exercises

According to my recent experiences, it’s completely possible and at a faster rate then imaginable.  That’s what I experienced when I started designing bodyweight workouts and I’ve finally decided to offer these exact same workouts to you in The Calorie Scorch System

This downloadable dvd will walk you step-by-step, rep-by-rep, movement-by-movement through a 4 week 3 workout per week bodyweight system to help you rapidly shed stomach fat in the comfort of your own home. No more waiting for equipment in the gym or worrying about even trying to fit a workout in around a hectic life.

Just head to your basement or living room when you have 10 free minutes, follow along with the workouts and you’ll instantly start to feel and see the results that only bodyweight workouts can bring. I can easily charge over $100, like I “paid” to learn bodyweight training, for this bodyweight workout dvd (that’s the going rate) but since I’m releasing it today, you get access to this rapid physique defining system for only $40.



Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

Guarantee # 1: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with “Calorie Scorch System” even if you don’t like how you feel after just the first workout then just send me a personal email any time in the next 60 days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep the entire program as a gift. Fair enough? There’s more..

Guarantee # 2: Simple implement just ONE of the fat loss strategies inside “Calorie Scorch System” and if you aren’t thrilled with how you feel and look then I will personally work with you one-on-one ( I charge $125 for in person training and $265 for online coaching) until we reach this goal together. If for some reason I fail(and I won’t) I will gladly reach into my own pockets and buy “Calorie Scorch System” for $80, that’s almost double of what you paid for it.

Guarantee # 3: Implement ALL the techniques inside “Calorie Scorch System” if you don’t add nearly 1 inch to your arms I will, first, refund your entire purchase but to top it off I’ll take $50 out of my own pocket and send that to you as a way of saying thanks.


I plan to offer this bodyweight training system to only a handful to action takers at the insanely low price of $40. Why? Because my goal is to have other people, aside from private beta testers and my clients, experience the physique changing power of this system.

P.S.- You will be given instant access to this product. You don’t have to wait two weeks to get this powerful bodyweight training system in the mail. You’ll immediately have you hands on all the insider bodyweight secrets that you need to sculpt your body , even if it’s 2 am on Saturday!

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