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Why BodyWeight Workouts Are So Effective For Overcoming Training Plateaus, Improving Energy, Increasing Flexibility And Burning Stubborn Fat

An Important Article By Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS On Fat Loss Workouts

I love the shocked look at I get when I answer “body weight workouts”….

People email me day after day asking how they can bust out of a training plateau and my answer is ALWAYS  “body weight workouts”

That is almost always followed up with a look of shock, awe and disbelief.

They Didn’t Believe Me Until They Saw How Fast I Lost Weight And What My Stomach Looked Like With The “Weapon X” Fat Loss Workout.

Let’s call a spade a spade here for one second…

Most trainers make working out too complex. Their workout programs are HIGHLY UNREALISTIC, NOT PRACTICAL and just down right CONFUSING.

But the BIGGER problem is….

Too many people get UNKNOWINGLY sucked into using these programs that fail to deliver results, except for gradually increasing FRUSTRATION!

What should you do?

Well If You’re One Of Those People, You Should Give The Weapon X Bodyweight Workout A Try.

Here’s What You’ll Uncover When You Experience A Weapon X Fat Loss Workout

-How effective X intervals are. (these truly exist only in my mad scientist mind)

-My favorite “go to” time crunch abdomonial workout.

-My NEWEST leg combos that ,science proves, raises your metabolism by almost 40 percent!

-The intense lower body workout that can only be had from Thrusters!

-How bodyweight exercises can rapidly improve your flexibility.

-The easiest and quickest ways to increase your energy today!

-Why my exclusive dumbbell-bodyweight supermax combos are insanely effective for jumpstarting the most stubborn metabolisms around.

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