A 12 Week "No Frills" Chest Training Program That Delivers Crazy Intense Workouts And Noticeable Results...

Let Jimmy Guide You To A Radical Chest Makeover With 3 Cutting Edge Elite Level Chest Training Programs

Are your chest workouts producing the type of results that you want?

Is your chest getting bigger and stronger on a regular basis?

Or do you constantly struggle in your chest workouts, have painful shoulders and make little progress month after month because your following outdated training advice with bad program design?

I bet I can name all the programs you’ve tried…

  • The “all flyes” routine
  • The “nothing but dumbbell” workout
  • The “squeeze and contract” method
  • Eccentrics, Isometrics etc etc.

I’ve made it my goal the last 9 years to continually analyze research and tinker with existing methods until I made them better and more effective. Not to mention I’m speaking with industry leaders every single day to bounce my ideas off of them and to continually evolve my muscle building theories.

Most people struggle with their chest size and strength development because they aren’t targeting the right muscle fibers at the right time.

That’s why your chest is progressing at a snails pace and your shoulders feel like they’ve been run over by a MAC truck.

I created the Ultimate Chest Guide to give you a detailed road map for a bigger, stronger and more explosive while making sure your shoulder health improves!

With The Ultimate Chest Guide 12 Week Program You Get


  • A 12 week periodization¬† program designed build a big and strong chest.
  • Cutting edge set and rep combos that will increase your central nervous system to allow more explosive reps and bigger gains.
  • Maximal gains without “hardcore” training. You’ll recover faster with more gains, this is a key component to the program.
  • Structurally smart program design that will increase your shoulder health and stability to allow you to lift heavier weights safer.
  • A precise blend of traditional and new age chest exercises that will encourage multiple muscle fiber growth.
  • Properly planned “dust” or back off days to improve your recovery, prevent overtraining and allow your nervous system to stabilize for bigger gains.
  • A creative way to train your chest two to three times per week so your body¬† grows and recover

Ultimate Chest Training 2.0 presents my latest and most cutting edge effective chest training strategies for maximal gains. If your looking for a challenge that keeps your health and produces faster results then this is a easy decision.

Stop wasting your time on fads and gimmicks and get the honest truth about what it takes to produces a muscular, strong and athletic look chest with workouts that are PROVEN to work. After all, my workouts and fitness advice have been featured in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Tapout magazine, MMA Worldwide and on ABCnews.

You’ll love the impressive gains you get from this 12 chest specialization program…

And you get these 3 distinctive chest training programs for just $27.

That’s a crazy good discount on 12 weeks of proven chest building workouts, cheaper then the latest muscle building supplement that only works in rats..

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