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When you hire Jimmy,each customized diet and training coaching program comes with….

  • An individualized metabolic and hormonal profile to assess your internal health environment. I regularly charge $100 for this but it is included in your coaching package.
  • Diet and training to meet your goals AHEAD of your goal date.
  • A 15 minute phone consultation each month. Normally priced at $50 per 15 minutes this is also included in your package.

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Q: How does your online nutrition coaching and training work?

A:Once you make the investment I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire where I can assess your metabolism and hormone status as well as develop a game plan based off of past diets or training programs you’ve used in the past. As a diet coach, I look for clues to help you overcome sticking points. You’ll check in with me twice per week on Wednesday and Saturdays so that if I feel the need to make some tweaks, I can. Everything is email based with the exception of the phone consultaing

Q: Do you offer physique, athletic or mixed martial art diet and training plans?

A: I certainly do. Just purchase the package that you feel is right for you and I’ll become designing your diet and training


Just look at the results of some of Jimmy’s recent clients


“I wish I could give Jimmy a before and after picture but weight loss was never my goal.I had trouble sleeping for the past few months and my doctor put me on all types of  prescription medicine while never looking at my stomach bacteria. Jimmy assessed my gut health and put him on a 2 month system. Now not only do I sleep better but I have more energy and stamina then ever.”
Henry- 48 year old Kansas City
“I was on various medications for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years and while I would change my diet, nothing improved. I found Jimmy through his youtube channel and hired him. He urged me to buy specific foods instead of getting caught up in organic vs nonorganic. Once I followed his suggestions we were able to lower my blood pressure from 170/111 to 120/70 and my bad cholesterol dropped from 160 to 105. Thanks again Jimmy”
Anthony 55 Baltimore
“I contacted Jimmy after reading one of his articles on hockey training. I needed to drop my bodyfat while increasing my core strength. After a phone consultation with Jimmy I knew that he didn’t think like your typical trainer or nutritionist. Once I got my nutrition plan I realized that this was going to be different. Well I showed up to camp with lower bodyfat, better slap shot power and more joint mobility.”
Ben 24 OHL Hockey Player



Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If your customized program doesn’t BLOW your previous thoughts of what diet and training should be OUT OF THE WATER I’ll gladly refund every red cent and we’ll still be friends.