Here’s Your ONLY Shot At My INSANE Cyber Monday Fat Loss Sale

Grab My Entire Fat Loss Bodyweight Training Program And I’ll Physically Send You The DVD’s, For One Day Only.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year or so then you know that I have a fondness for bodyweight workouts. Well I recently finished production on a series of bodyweight DVD’s that will absolutely torch those extra thanksgiving pounds off of your stomach like a hot knife through butter.

I’m not lying when I say that these workouts require NO equipment and can be done ANYWHERE.

Just look at some of the advantages of bodyweight fat loss training.

  1. You can fit workouts into your schedule. No more rushing to the gym after work, just pop these dvd’s in and you’ll have instant access to a extreme fat loss workout. Just finished cleaning the dinner table? Kids just fall asleep? All you need is 15 minutes and 5 feet of space in your basement and you can get a great workout in.
  2. Bodyweight workout routines blast stomach fat faster than any other type of exercise because they force the body to move how it’s suppose to. Weights and machines cause unnatural movements but bodyweight exercises make your body move the way that it is suppose to and that equal fast results.
  3. Have a bad low back? Hurt knees? With bodyweight exercises, you never have to worry about your current injuries. Since your body moves through a natural range of motion you won’t even feel that nagging pain. In fact, bodyweight exercises are a fantastic way to cure nagging pain.

Here’s everything you get…

You’ll start off using the Calorie Scorch System, a 4 week fat loss blitz that aims to ramp up your metabolism to the highest natural amount. From there, you’ll move onto the 4 week Metabolism Red Zone Workout that promises to force your body into extreme fat loss territory. ¬†From there you’ll finish with the SuperSonic Muscle Building Plan that delivers rapid muscle building results never before seen with bodyweight training. After 12 weeks, you won’t believe what you see in the mirror.

Not only will I send you my 3 disc fat loss bodyweight workout routine dvd set immediately but I’ll ship them to you as well. You see, they are typically digital dvd’s that you can download to your computer but for today only, I’ll ship you them to your front door.¬†Plus I’ll even throw in free shipping!

Here’s My Promise To You….



P.S.- You know what, if you purchase the Fat Loss Bodyweight system today, I’ll even give you a free copy of my $40 meal planning software, The Nutrition Elite Software, for FREE