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Here’s why the traditional and popular methods of dieting STINK…..

  • You have to eat bland food that’s just no fun.
  • You have to stay strict within a certain calorie range.
  • You have to eat around your family and friends just watching them enjoy whatever they want while you salivate at the thought of joining them, all while you eat your chicken and rice.
Go to the book store and check out all the diet books available
  • Atkins makes you crave carbohydrates so bad that you end up binging and over eating them.
  • The South Beach Diet limits you to 1200 calories and you’ll be starving.
  • The “keto” diet causes you to over eat fat so you didn’t lose a pound.
  •  “Done for you”  meal plans leave you eating the same stuff over and over again with zero freedom.

Now You Can Get Unlimited Diets In One Manual

Everyone is busy and doesn’t necessarily have the time to sit down and prepare meal after meal. In all honesty, that doesn’t work. The goal of Macro Match Nutrition is to become the go to resource for coaches, trainers and anyone who wants to design a diet for any of their physique or performance training goals.

The only reason you want to diet is for results right? Well Macro Math gives you those results without forcing you to stay strict to eating every 2-3 hours and traveling with your food.

End confusion…

Never plateau again…

Here’s A Few of The Key Concepts You’ll Uncover Inside


  • How to figure out, with 99.9% precision, how many carbohydrates your body needs to give you energy without increasing body fat.
  • The super simple calorie estimator system that will put every other calorie based diet to shame.
  • Exactly how much protein you need to increase your metabolism while holding onto your muscle while dieting.
  • The “insiders only” secret to continually tweaking your diet so you hit a goal of losing two pound per week. This is worth the price of the manual alone.
  • How to avoid over eating fat.
  • What to do when your body fights back while dieting
  • How to never have that “starving feeling again”


Everything is Macro Math is very simple to use and you’ll never find yourself wondering what to do next. This system is designed to allow you to effortless flow from one type of diet approach to the next.

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“I wish I could give Jimmy a before and after picture but weight loss was never my goal.I had trouble sleeping for the past few months and my doctor put me on all types of  prescription medicine while never looking at my stomach bacteria. Jimmy assessed my gut health and put him on a 2 month system. Now not only do I sleep better but I have more energy and stamina then ever.”
Henry- 48 year old Kansas City
“I was on various medications for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years and while I would change my diet, nothing improved. I found Jimmy through his youtube channel and hired him. He urged me to buy specific foods instead of getting caught up in organic vs nonorganic. Once I followed his suggestions we were able to lower my blood pressure from 170/111 to 120/70 and my bad cholesterol dropped from 160 to 105. Thanks again Jimmy”
Anthony 55 Baltimore
“I contacted Jimmy after reading one of his articles on hockey training. I needed to drop my bodyfat while increasing my core strength. After a phone consultation with Jimmy I knew that he didn’t think like your typical trainer or nutritionist. Once I got my nutrition plan I realized that this was going to be different. Well I showed up to camp with lower bodyfat, better slap shot power and more joint mobility.”
Ben 24 OHL Hockey Player

“’I contacted Jimmy for supplemental help after I competed in my first NPC figure show.  I was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and how he was able to put it into “real world” perspective, based on my personal needs.  He showed me that there’s a different way to losing fat and retaining muscle; which is key during my off season training. His supplement protocols were also a breath of fresh air in how he described the best ways to use various popular supplements for maximal gains”.”
Teresa Baglietto