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  • Accurately track your calories so that you know exactly when it’s time to decrease them to burn more fat or increase them to build lean muscle.
  • Have access to over 200 pre-programmed (and more being added weekly) bodybuilding foods broken down to the ounces. Just click and find your food and all the calculating is done for you.
  • Adjust on the fly. Have a busier than usual day? Well just enter your macronutrient goals for the day and the Nutrition Elite Software will change with you and show you exactly how many calories you need to eat to reach your daily goals.

So you can see that this is a one of a kind piece of software, can’t you?

Sure you can find free versions online but they are free for a reason. You’ll have to search through a huge database filled with irrelevant foods for 10 minutes at a time only to find that the bodybuilding food that you just ate isn’t even in there. Plus their “search” bars only result in unrelated foods everytime. That’s wasted time.

Or you can go the paid way and get a monthly subscription to some of these fancy softwares but if you should decide against paying for the monthly fee one day then you’re suddenly back at square one.

You’ll find none of that with the Nutrition Elite Software.

For just a one-time fee of $70 you’ll have access to The Nutrition Elite Software and The Fat Loss Diet for life!


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