Finding a dedicated, knowledgeable and committed Greenwich personal trainer can be tough.

With so many misleading and downright dishonest gimmicks, and solutions in the dieting and weight loss industries finding a reliable and honest trainer should be first and foremost.

Before you even consider hiring a Greenwich personal trainer consider these 5 criteria that will help you find a solid and proven Greenwich personal training company.

1. What is the quality and education of a Greenwich personal trainer?

Since you’re paying for results, shouldn’t you have the best trainer that you can find?  While the training industry is very easy to get into, you need to be cautious. You should look for a Greenwich personal trainer with a masters degree in a exercise field. In addition, it’s also important to have a trainer that is a CSCS. That stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is the highest certification that a Greenwich personal trainer can attain.

2. Are you paying for results or for a workout session?

Too many trainers believe in “no pain no gain” and “the burn”. As a result, you’ll end up being pushed through a workout that makes you feel sore but doesn’t deliver results.  Anyone can lead you through a workout session or  be a rep counter, you need a Greenwich personal trainer that will put together a workout that will get you results.

Plus your trainer should help to motivate you and provide nutritional guidance as well as workouts when you aren’t with them.

3. Does your Greenwich personal trainer have a proven workout system?

Too many trainers just put you through whatever they feel like for that day. That’s unacceptable. Your trainer should have a system that has proven to produce results time and time again. After all, if they don’t know what you’re doing, how can you expect results?

4. Do you have a money back guarantee?

Too many trainers will make you pay upfront for your sessions without ever guaranteeing results. That’s a scam. A Greenwich personal trainer should offer you a 100% money back guarantee to ensure that you get the results you deserve.

5. Is your Greenwich personal trainer a recognized expert?

Has your trainer ever had articles published online? Have they ever had articles published in national magazines? Have they been on the radio? If not, then they are not a credible source of information and you should get away from them and move towards someone that can deliver you results. Remember, you’re training for the results and not just to feel “the burn”.

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