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Most women have trouble losing hamstring fat since it is a special area. You see hamstring fat is unlike any fat in your body. The fat cells around your hamstrings don’t have the same blood flow to them as the rest of your body.

How to lose hamstring fat?

For starters, you must be working out. If you aren’t then I can’t help you. Assuming you’ve been training your lower body hard yet still don’t have the hamstring results that you want, here’s some tips.

Prioritize your hamstring workout. Are you combined them with your shoulders? Are you doing a legs day? You must split your hamstrings and quads up.

What are your reps like? How many reps do you currently use?

For starters, do a hamstring only day. For most individuals simply raising your hamstring work will give you some noticeable improvements.

Your training movements should also be changed. Do you have access to a sled or prowler? Those are both effective conditioning movements that really challenge your hamstring. Unfortunately, most individuals do not. That’s ok you’re not doomed.

How much single leg work are you using? Are you doing single leg swiss ball hamstring curls? Single leg split squats? Both are great exercises for tightening your hamstrings.

I mentioned how blood flow is restricted to the thighs and hamstrings in women. For the most part, there’s nothing we can do about it and doing cardio for an hour on the treadmill won’t help. What will help is focusing on a low carbohydrate. It’s beyond the scope of this article but a low carbohydrate cycling diet is very effective for peeling some stubborn fat off of your hamstrings.

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