Andrea Passutti Ironman Bodyspace Interview

Every once in a while you hear an inspiring story behind an inspiring physique. This is one of those times. Meet Andrea Pasutti
  1. So tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into training and modeling? What made you decide to enter the Ironman/Bodyspace model contest?


The year of 2008 I was just overcoming probably the most depressing, confusing part of my life. Struggling through school with a very sick alcoholic father; watching him kill himself slowly as I was doing the same to myself. Self abusing was the only way I knew how to cope with my emotions. I was living in a nightmare that I thought would never change. I was completely alone and had no friends and no one to turn to.

I decided that I wanted to start to love myself and live life so I went to the doctor. The doctor told me that my liver was about to shut down, I had no white blood cells, my hair was falling out rapidly, my skin was peeling off in chunks and my knee caps were bigger than my thighs. I was under 80 lbs! He said “If you don’t get help, you are going to die.” I have never been so scared. I fought through it all because I was on a mission to become something amazing and start living a whole new healthy lifestyle. Here I am now, loving life and everyone around me! Training has become my best friend!

I just started doing me professional photo shoot with photographers, my goal is to become a Fitness model Icon, to inspire everyone that no matter where you start from you can do it!

What made me enter the Ironman/Bodyspace model contest was easy! I have wanted this ever since I knew I wanted to inspire people, ever since I picked up the first weight, I just knew this was my destiny! I would really love get my name out there and shine and show others anything is possible!

Q:What are you 3 favorite body parts to train and why? Give us a training trick or tip for each.

1.Glutes. My Favorite exercise is the Smith Machine Lung, you can pile on the weight and really stretch your glutes to get stronger, shapely, and sexy!


2. Abs. I love doing Cable crunches, my trick is to really use heavy weight that you can get about 10-12 reps and use perfect from and hold the the contcation and squeeze for 4 sec, that really gives it a nice burn!


3. Biceps. I am a big fan of the Biceps haha… my favorite exercise is the Barbell curl, I usually do a weight to get about 9-11reps and its all about FROM. A trick is to always keep your elbows on your side they should never move, also your palms should be facing up, this gives a really nice isolated contraction in the muscle!

Q:Do you ever have a typical “offseason” or do you stay “picture” lean year round? How does your diet vary between the two?

Well off season for me is to grow a little bit and to get stronger. So yes my diet does change slightly. I always eat very, very clean and I always will, this is the best way to keep you natural hormones high and get all your vitamins so you can train and progress every time you get your butt into the gym 🙂 The main this that changes in my diet is the healthy fat, like avocadoes, olive oil, whole eggs, raw nuts and seeds, and peanut butter. Healthy fat I plays a major role in hormone levels, strength and building. So don’t be scared of fat! I seriously intake cant believe the benefits it has given me! My intake is about 30 to 35% Dietary fats!



Q:What has been the most frustrating area for you to train? How have you approached it to bust through your plateau?

Well my user body is much weaker and much harder to grow then my lower body! With my upper body I just really try to focus on the mind to muscle contraction, that helps me a lot to focus and stay motivated and allows me to train harder! I also us the trick of Visualization, I visualize the muscle getter bigger, shoveling in the blood and nutrients that I am providing for my pre workout! I just keep positive and know it take a lot of time to achieve your goals so you should never give up because when you achieve it, nothing could be so priceless as your own achievements!

Q:People get very motivated looking at in-shape people like yourself. How has your social life changed? How have guys responded to you develop a fantastic physique?

Well people love to ask me questions about training and eating and I love to give the all the feedback and knowledge I know! It is truly rewarding to know that people find me motivation and inspirational, that is what keeps me motivated everyday… thank you!

For my social life it has changed a lot through the people now that I want to socialize with. Now that I am more confident in myself image and the mental attitude in life it really does glow threw for everyone to see!  the people who are looking for ways to become a better more healthier selves. Now that I am in a healthy positive balance life style that is what attracts back to be and I love that!

Q:Where can we find out more information out about you?

Check out more from Andrea on our Facebook page


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Thank you so much for interviewing me, I hope everybody enjoys!

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