Driven Divas DVD Review

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing  IFBB figure pro and legend Jenny Lynn for the podcast.After hearing from her about her upcoming DVD, I was excited to see a side of figure and fitness training that I was not aware of.

Jenny, along with fellow IFBB pro fitness athlete Trish Warren chronicled their training and diet as they prepared for the 2009 Mr.Olympia. Let’s break down the good and bad.

The Good

Unlike many of their male counter parts, Trish and Jenny give you a “reason why” workout as opposed to just watching someone lift heavy weights. They tell you why they are doing certain movements and how they feel that it will better develop their bodies. This is very valuable for a fitness or figure competitor that is looking to spice up their training routine. Many of you have seen Jenny and Trish workout online but this dvd is completely different.

Jenny and Trish take you through their conditioning workouts as well, which was nice to see. Many people assume that anyone that competes on stage just does hours of mind-numbing cardio. It was refreshing to see Jenny and Trish do unique cardio programs.

Their nutrition advice was point on as well. Again, people that aren’t involved in the bodybuilding world just assume that bodybuilders hire coaches to help them get their physique Jenny and Trish prove that they know their nutrition and they know how to apply it.

The Bad

To be honest, I feel that Trish and Jenny were limited by either DVD space or time because I felt that they addressed many of the common frequently asked questions that come with preparing and getting ready for a contest. Not that their advice wasn’t good, because it was but I would of like to get deeper into their vast training and nutrition knowledge that I know that they have acquired through their careers.  So in short, I personally didn’t find anything “bad” about this DVD at all and I’ve seen my share of fitness DVD’s.

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