Fine Figure: Aubrie Richeson

Here’s another installment of fine figure, this time we sit down with aspiring figure model Aubrie Richeson


Q: Tell us more about yourself. Who are you? How long have you been training and what are your goals and aspirations in the fitness industry?  You’ve attained a stomach that most women would die for in a short period of time?

A:My name’s Aubrie Richeson, I’m 20 years old, I’ve been training since I was 15.  Right now I work two receptionist jobs and do some personal training on the side, I hope to get my own personal training business going within the next year.
When I started I was lifting in a very small gym with the bare minimum for weights. Into high school I could usually be found in the weight room laughing and making jokes with the guys and often squatting just as much as they could. I focused a lot on my abs when I began which is probably pretty evident.  When I first started flipping through magazines I told myself I’d have awesome abs.  It was a major goal for me and it’s great to know that I’ve reached it.
I hope to become one of the top fitness models out there, and to be an inspiration to others; especially the younger generation that already has weight issues that continue to worsen.

Q: How would you describe your training leading up to the contest? In any type of physique competition plan the competitor aims to “bring up” a certain area or two. Did you specialize in any area?

Leading up to my last contest I really focused on bringing width to my lats as well as my shoulders.  They’re both huge bodyparts when it comes to figure and obtaining a great V to your body.
My legs are my trouble spot, they’re huge, but they’re a pain to get lean.  I was doing five sets of 30 reps for 4-5 different exercises in a giant set for the two sessions of legs I had each week.  I also did sprints and plyometrics to bring out the glute/hamstring tie in. About a week out from contest I was finally seeing some great definition.

Q: What was your cardio like? Women don’t generally like to gain weight but are there ever times that you want too improve areas? If so, how do you manage your calories?

For a contest I up my cardio to an hour, six days a week.  In the off season I do about half of that to make sure I gain size in the areas I need it.  For those women that don’t like to gain weight… Throw out your scale!  If you’re in figure or bikini you’re not up there telling everyone your weight.  My last contest I used the mirror as my only judge.  I can’t even tell you how much I weighed the day of the contest.
Here’s the funny thing, I don’t count calories either.  I do have a food journal which makes me feel accountable for what I put in my mouth.  I stick to clean eating and focus the majority of my carb intake being from vegetables.  I do cut out fruit six weeks out since it has such a high carbohydrate count.

Q: How many times a week do you train your abs and how many times a week do you think you should train them.

In the beginning I would train my abs 4-5 times a week. I would not recommend that to anyone now. They’re just like any other muscle and need time to recoop. I’ll train my abs twice a week, usually one session high in reps, they other high weight.  I’m a biggie for weight on abs. I know most women are not, simply because they don’t want what may look like a “power gut” but I like the depth weights bring to the abdominals.  I would suggest training abs no more than 3 times per week and be sure you’re not doing the same workout each time. Switch it up, there are numerous ab exercises, you should never get bored!

Q: What are some of the things that you noticed about yourself, your diet and your training as you began to lean out and get that rock hard stomach?
You know, when you start seeing those abs come out it’s so much motivation!  The cookies and other treats don’t even taste good and all you want to do is figure out how to bring your abs out or keep them out.  To me, how my overall body looks is somewhat of a symbol for how much I care for it and for how well I treat myself.  Abs are difficult to get and you’ve really got to want it.  The boring monotonous cardio and burning crunches are very worth it.
Q: Awesome interview. How can we find out more info about you?

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