Fitness Model Interview-Amanda Adams

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Amanda Adams has broken into the  fitness modeling industry  FAST! I wanted to sit down with her and get to know her better and get her to reveal some information on how she got her body to look the way it does.

Q: How did you get into fitness modeling?

A:I’ve always loved working out and staying in shape, however it wasn’t until college when my boyfriend’s roommate, who is now my trainer, Zack Bell, started talking about Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, Jamie Eason, Protein shakes, etc.. and introduced me to this amazing fitness industry! I started reading the success stories of all these beautiful fitness models, and realized this is what I want to do! I wasn’t sure how to start, but as I was looking through some of Jamie Eason’s pictures I came across, Satio Photography. I admired and respected every fitness model Satio worked with, and I wanted to be one.  Soon after shooting with her, I stepped into the world of fitness modeling and I LOVE IT!

Q:Have you always been into working out?
A:Being a high school cheerleader always kept me in shape and active, but it wasn’t until I was required to take a high school weight lifting class that my perspective on weights and building muscle changed. I loved being this small girl walking into the weight room and squatting more weight than some guys. It was awesome seeing the weight go up each week and transform my body! It wasn’t until the past year though when my trainer taught me the importance of HIIT cardio, circuit weight training, clean eating, and yummy protein shakes.

Q:What does your typical daily diet look like? How many cheat meals do you allow yourself per week?

A:I typically eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours combining meals with high protein, complex carbs, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. I try my best not to have a cheat meal but instead have what I call a cheat “accessory.” If I had an awesome week or two of training, I will add a little light ranch with my chicken sandwich or enjoy some Hershey kisses. Other than that I honestly love how I feel after eating clean meals and drinking lots of water.

Q:What type of workouts do you feel are best for fat loss?

A:I won’t lie, I am not a fan of cardio. However, I do believe a combination of HIIT cardio and weights (I like circuit training, keeps it challenging) is best for fat loss. I try to mix up the cardio with fun classes like Body Combat, 30-30 on the elliptical, or a mix of machines for 30 min. in 10 min. cycles

Q:What advice would you have to any up and coming models? Should they get some professional pictures done then submit it themselves? What have you done to get yourself out there?
A:For any up and coming models I would advise them to network. Get your name out there and find out as much information as you can. Go to any fitness expos or competitions around your area, meeting as many people as you can. Start contacting photographers that are well known in the industry that can help you get your name out there by submitting your photos to magazines, as well as introducing you to other models. As for myself, the past year I have had the opportunity to meet photographers, fitness gurus, athletes, models, etc. by attending Mr. Olympia and educating myself with anything and everything about this industry. I’ll be at the Arnold Classic this year as a Satio model and plan on competing in as many bikini competitions as possible this summer.

Q:Where can we find more information out about you?

A:For more information about me, please visit my Facebook, Myspace or Twitter pages:

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