Fitness Models: Michele Levesque

Michele Levesque might be the fastest rising fitness model online currently. So I wanted to grab her for a minute to talk about her training and fitness model diet.


Q: Can you tell us about your background ? How you got started in fitness
and how you started competing?

A: I’ve been an athlete for all my life. I grew up doing gymnastics,
alpine skiing, and competed in track ad field for 10 years. I was an
Olympic aspiration and a knee injury forced me to stop running. I had
to start doing weights for rehab and that’s when I started to enjoy
lifting weights. Not so long after I entered my first figure
. A year after I won the title of Miss figure America and
the year after miss figure Universe. That’s big for a Canadian chick!

Q: Now I talk to a lot of hopeful models and they have no idea where to
start. Is it as simple as getting professional pictures done and posting
them online or joining model mayhem? You came on the scene pretty quickly.Does a aspiring model have to compete? What are the first steps that they need to take?

A:  First off well it helps to compete or be involve in the fitness
industry if you wanna be a fitness model. For me a fitness model is
not only a sexy body and a pretty face. You represent what fitness is.
your a  spokesperson for the industry of fitness. People look up to
you has their inspiration, their motivation. Now if you cant stand up
and motivate people and encourage them to get their ass off  and start
working out, whats the use of being a fitness model?

Second, be realistic. The business is not easy. Alot of pretty girls
out there. Who all want to have their face in the magazine. You have
to have something that the others don’t have. And i cant help you on
that. Just be yourself, don’t try to be another Jamie Eason or another
Monica Brant. Have your own style, your own personality, your own way
of posing. You can be inspired. of course!

It does help to be part of modeling websites like model mayhem or
OMP. But to tell you the truth. the real photographers, the one who
shoots for magazine don’t have time to search for the next fitness
model star. Theses sites are good, in my opinion, to make contacts,
build your portfolio, explore what you like and you don’t like, get
experience. Then, when you have a variety of pictures and you feel
confident enough, submit to magazines, or photographers that shoot
for the magazine, and … cross y0our fingers!

On my side, i have been very blessed. I am at my 6th cover in only 2
years and i have 2 more coming up, plus all the magazines layouts….
i just focused on my goal and worked so hard to make contacts , keep
in touch with them, build strong relationship in the industry. People
have a good word to say about you, and they recommend you highly. its
all word to mouth.

Q: You have to stay in “shoot” shape year round since you’re so in demand.How do you manage to do it?

A:  Well, it depends for which magazine I shoot for. American curves
gives me more flexibility because they like curves, and meat on an ass
lol if im going to shoot for Oxygen, yes I wanna be shredded. Its part
of my job. If i’m not ready i loose an opportunity. i love to eat, don’t
get me wrong. I do enjoy some nice dinners with my friends and family
but when its time to be strict, i focus on that cover or that layout
in the magazine that is going to be seen my thousands of people. that’s
enough to keep me motivated!

(Jimmy note: Get on a good six pack diet and you can stay lean year round)


Q: What is your training like? Is it your typical bodypart split4-5 day
routine or do you focus on specific areas?

A: Well right now I”m doing a circuit just because I have a shoot coming
and i wanna bring my bodyfat has low has i can. I incorporate alo of
cardio has well. i train 2 times a day. I wake up, go do sprints for
20 minutes n the track, do my weight training. At night i do 30 to 40
minutes of cardio. I try to vary my workouts routine has much has
possible. I try different types of workout so i see what works best for
me.I find time for it. i mean.. i have to ! its part of my job has a
model, a spokesperson and an athlete. sometimes I think I’m a super


Q: Since you need to be in shape year round, what do your diet
look  like? Can you give us a look into your daily diet?

A: I try not to be strict all year long. My body wont respond to
dieting if i am. so i allow myself time off. i still eat very healthy,
but i have cheat meals and i try to eat a bit of everything. Right now
i have no carbs, only protein and veggies and fat in my diet. i eat 6
meals a day. I carb up every 5 days just to get my metabolism rolling
and avoid cravings. I eat alot of red meat. i love red meat. and
chiken, egg whites. i try to stick to green veggies only for now since
I wanna drop bodyfat. water, water ,water!


Q: What’s next for you Michele? What projects are you working on?

A: Well, i still work on getting my face out there all the time. I
have an Oxygen cover shot coming up and a fews others shoots for
magazines. I am moving in Florida at then end of august with my
boyfriend. We have a few projects were gonna work on has a couple. so
thats should be fun!  I am also working on exercising DVD’s , maybe a
book. its gonna be in french though..  sorry!!! I am also doing a few
shows in Canada which i talk about fitness and health. Hope I can the
same thing here in Miami. I would love to get into acting has well….
And work on something that would get me closer to my fans, beeing able
to talk with thnem, give them some advice…. maybe through my
website, ( new one coming soon…) …. check facebook and myspace
often, I am always updating the new stuff im doing… 🙂


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