Fitness Models:Robin MacGowan

Robin MacGowan has made quite the name for herself recently in the fitness industry, let’s catch up with this fitness model.

Q:  Can you tell us about your background Robin? How you got started in fitness and how you started competing and modeling

I was always athletic, at the age of 15 after a knee injury I began lifting weights to strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee. After training for 13 years I decide to compete in 2005. 6 months after setting a goal to compete, I was backstage at my first competition getting ready to get on stage for the first time and I thought what am I doing? But from my first step on stage I fell in love with competing, being on stage and putting on a performance. 1 of the best feelings in the world is inspiring others to improve their health, get in better shape, or compete.


Q: Now you’re a very well known fitness model, what was the one thing that helped you go from someone modeling to well-known? Was it a matter of posting a bunch of pictures online or did you do something proactive to get noticed and  to start getting featured in the magazines?

LOL wow thank you for the compliment. I wouldn’t consider myself a well known fitness model just yet, although I have the dreams and desires to be known like that someday. I’m grateful for the exposure that I have received, and realized over the years that I need to compete at shows where the top people in the industry are.

robinmacgowan2Q:  How many weeks out do you start really dieting and training hard for your shoots? Is it the traditional 12 weeks?

It all depends on how much work I need to do. Usually it’s 12 weeks out, but I have gotten ready in 6 to 8 weeks before.

Q:  What was your training like? Was it your typical bodypart split 4-5 day routine or did you focus on specific areas? How much cardio did you do and how many days a week?

I love to train heavy, I’m not that chick that you’ll see holding those pink dumbbells. Go hard or go home is my motto. So I usually train 4 to 5 times a week focusing on 1 to 2 body parts. As for cardio I don’t do much in my off-season. On season usually 30 minutes in the am 4 to 5 times a week.


Q:  How many meals a day do you eat? Most girls that I come across that want to model eat very little, maybe 2-3 times per day, because they are so afraid of adding bodyfat. Do you do low-carb or no carb? How much protein do you get a day?

I usually eat 5 times a day, on-season, I eat low carb coming from berries and veggies, and have a cheat meal on the weekends. I eat 110 g of protein, around 1 g per pound that I weigh.

Q:  What’s next for you Robin? What projects are you working on? You’re in the Flex magazine bikini search this month right?

Right now I am getting ready for the WBFF World championships September 19th, in Mississauga, ON. I’m so excited for this show it’s an amazing event, well organized and so much fun. Yes I had entered the Flex magazine bikini search for the month of July, unforunately I did not win, but I will be at the Olympia. I hope to see you there 🙂


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  1. kali
    8 years ago

    i’m reading this wayy late, but GREAT interview!! Robin ROCKS!!!

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