Fitness Model:Skye Clark

Skye Clark is a first time fitness model that’s hoping to break into the industry so we sat down to talk to her.


Q:Can you tell us about your background ? How you got started in fitness and how you started competing?

A:I took weights in high school and was totally hooked.  I am naturally muscular and loved the look of Monica Brant and decided to compete.  I have only done 1 major show so far and am totally hooked!

Q: Was it hard to understand your metabolism? When I say that I mean was it hard to figure out how long you need to diet in order to be “ready” for any type of shoot or show?
A: It wasn’t really that hard, just time consuming trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t.  Really, the major factor that gets me there is consistance and persistance.

Q: How is your training different when you’re prepping for a show versus when you’re not? Obviously more cardio but do you do higher reps, more exercise? What’s the deal?
A: Actually, I quit lifting weights altogether about 6 months ago because I carry so much muscle naturally, and am trying to “tone down” a little.  But I do gradually increase my cardio as I get closer to a show.


Q: Diet wise, what do you feel works best for your body? Very low carb or timed carbohydrates around your workout?
A:keto- type diet works best for me.  Moderate fat and protein.

Q: Most women really want tighter and firmer legs. What exercises, sets and reps have worked best for you? Anything unique?
A:Sprints and plyometrics help me the most.

Q: What’s next for you Skye? What projects are you working on?

A: Transforming my body to be the best I can be, setting up some modeling and photo shoot opportunities, and prepping to win some comps!!

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