Best Hamstring Exercises To Build Muscle

It’s such a shame that more people don’t directly train their hamstrings. I mean not only are they a big muscle that will help to add more overall lean muscle to your body but they also look pretty darn cool if they are defined. Personally, I love training them over quads. Not sure why, maybe it’s because I hate squatting but I love to train my hamstrings. So I was on a internet message board the other day and I saw a discussion about which is better for hamstring improvement.


Multi-joint movements like various deadlifts or Isolation movements like leg curls.

In fairness to the person asking the question, they may have not had a ton of training experience and since most trainers in the fitness industry are bandwagon jumpers (well-known strength coach says this so it must be the gospel), everyone is obviously going to says deadlifts.

Not that I disagree but I think this issue, from a physique perspective, deserves a deeper look. Give this 5 minute podcast a listen.

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Best Hamstring Exercises To Build Muscle

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