Glutes And Low Back Pain

Anyone that reads this site daily should know about weak glutes and how they relate to low back pain. Well I got a email from a reader telling me about his back pain and how deadlifts are awful and how they wrecked his back. Listen, while I understand that the deadlift is a tricky move and that it may cause back pain, when done wrong it will cause just as much back pain as doing a barbell curl wrong.


You get my point?

See most people are quick to denounce the deadlift as the worst thing for the low back but when it’s done with good form it can actually improve your low back health.  Now I once had this issue, my back was killing me with my deadlifts. So I took about two years off from deadlifts and worked on my glute strength, specifically my glute medius, and went back to deadlift.

No pain. See what I’m getting at? Listen to the podcast where I address this readers question and see if you can pick up a thing or two.

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Glutes And Low Back Pain

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