Raising The Bar:Lessons From Dave Tate

“I’m open for interviews these next 2-3 weeks”.  I knew it was my shot. That was the message that Dave Tate, CEO and founder of EliteFTS posted on his facebook and twitter accounts. Could it be real? The man that I had tried to get in touch with time and time again was finally open to interviews. I shot him a message not knowing what his response would be, after all, how many times do you get the chance to connect with someone that you admire in both training and business?


Dave ended up saying yes and what happened after that was 60 minutes of Dave giving me knowledge after knowledge about a wide variety of topics including:

-Bench pressing for pec development and why it might not be the smartest idea.

-How natural athletes can bring up their weak points (especially their hamstrings and back).

-The early days of EliteFTS

-Why passion is the biggest thing you need in life an business.

( I was also fortunate to receive a copy of Raising The Bar, Dave’s newest book. It gets my highest recommendation for anyone looking to improve as a person and businessman.)

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Without further delay here’s the Dave Tate Interview

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  1. Rob
    9 years ago

    That really was a good interview. So if I’m not bench pressing or doing incline or decline bar movements, how can I add variety to my chest training?

  2. Torrie
    9 years ago

    Dave mentioned back and hamstring training on the same day but when I used to do that I could never do enough to feel my back. I want to improve my hamstrings but when I train them with my back I don’t get a good enough back workout?

  3. admin
    9 years ago

    @ Torrie,
    Sure I can understand that. You’ll have to pick your movements smart when you train hams and back together. For example, If I did deads then wanted to do dumbbell stiff leg deads there would be no way I could do bent over rows. I wouldn’t be able to use a heavy weight nor would my low back feel good. So when I train my back and hams, I always know that my back training needs to revolve around more lat stuff like pull-ups and pull-downs and machine rows.

  4. admin
    9 years ago

    Well you have dumbbells and you can change your grip there from pronated to neutral. On top of that you can perform alternating arm movements and cables. Are you against machines? Don’t forget about dips either.

  5. Jedd
    9 years ago

    Just listened to the whole thing. Loved the part about passion! Great interview Jimmy & Dave.

  6. Mike
    9 years ago

    Kick ass interview. Loved the bench press convo.

  7. seth
    9 years ago

    excellent interview

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