Single Digit BodyFat Fat Loss Tips WIth Tyler English

In this addition of the Jimmy Smith Training podcast we’ll talk with natural pro bodybuilder Tyler English.


We’ll cover

  • How “natural” bodybuilding contests really are.
  • Why carbohydrates aren’t the enemy.
  • The benefits of high rep leg work.
  • A look at off-season diets.
  • The role of precontest “gurus” and what they really provide.

And much, much more

Plus, I’ll discuss how to determine what type of cardio is right for you. Most people just assume that interval training is better but is it really? We’ll take an investigative look.

Here’s the Interview

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  1. randy
    9 years ago

    This is really a nice site.By the above topic we can learn that how we can maintain our body with a simple diet.

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