How To Get Ready For A Photo Shoot

A lot of people have great abs, some even want to model but a select few actually act on that desire and turn their dreams in reality. I sat down with my good friend Obi Obadike, one of the top fitness models in the business, to discuss how to get photo shoot ready so that you can present the best package possible for your photographer.

Q: So you get the call that you need to be ready for a photo shoot in 5 days. It’s a big opportunity for you so you take it. Now you’re photo ready year round but you’re not as tight as you’ll be on the day of the shoot. What are some of the first things that you do with your diet to begin this process?


A:Generally if I am trying to get ready within 5 days and I am trying to tighten up I will cut my carbs completely, cut all sodium and sugar intake and all my foods will be high in protein. There is also some skin lotion creme that I use now that is great. It is called Thiomoucase which helps to rid water deposits from your skin. I will rub this in the specific areas where I am carrying a lot of water. My cardio sessions are little longer than 25 to 30 minutes. I may increase the cardio sessions to 40 to 45 minutes to help me drop some extra water and weight. It is very easy for me to drop weight and water within 5 to 7 day period if I need to. If I follow these steps for the next 5 days I will drop a minimum of 7 pounds. I also will take a natural diuretic pill called Taraxatone 5 days prior to shoot day which also helps me rid water from my body as well.

Q: Now I know some guys who don’t wear socks and underwear to their shoots since they don’t want any lines from elastics being seen in the shoot. What do you wear the day of a shoot and how do you decide what to wear in the actual shoot (assuming the magazine doesn’t give you clothes)? Are their any unwritten rules as to what not to wear (excessively baggy shorts etc etc)?

A:As a fitness model it is important to have many options because sometimes you never know what you will be wearing. So I bring everything from baggy shorts to form-fitting under-armour shorts to a variety of different color shorts. The more you bring the better you are for the client you are working for. I am kind of like a female when it comes to fitness shoots as I bring as much as I can. Always have as many options as you can in regards to shorts, shoes, socks, etc

Q:What’s your nutrition like the day of the pphoto shoot How many meals do you typically get in before the shoot and what do they consist of? Do you make sure you last meal is ,say 30 minutes, pre-shoot?

A:The first thing I eat is oatmeal in the morning the day of a photo-shoot and then I have protein bars that I bring to the photo shoot to snack on during breaks. I am not someone that likes to eat heavy the day of the photo-shoot. I want to be as dry as possible and I generally don’t need that much food in my system the day of the shoot to be 100 percent functional. My reward from completing a great shoot is to pig out on food after the shoot.

Q:Do you deplete water like you normally would for a show and consume none on the day of? Do you take mini-breaks during the shoots to snack on rice cakes, prunes or bananas for energy? You don’t need to be contest hard since the photographer can help a lot, especially with black and white photos but what do you do?

A: I generally deplete water 24 hours before my shoot by drinking coffee and at times taking a taraxatone water pill. Coffee is a natural diuretic and is great for eliminating water out of your body. So I do definitely deplete the same way as I do when getting ready for a contest. My goal every time for a photo-shoot is to be ripped as I possibly can be. As I said before I can only snack on protein bars during breaks of the shoots which allows the sugar to bring out the vascularity in my body.

Q:Last question, color. If someone is pale or doesn’t have a dark enough color what should they do? Obviously they should try to tan if they have a few days notice but should they use any type of tanning lotions?

A:Obviously being African-American I don’t have to deal with this issue so I have no clue or knowledge on tanning lotions and what to use because I don’t have to use anything whatsoever…smile! My friendly advice to anybody going to a photoshoot is to always come in tanned. That is the kiss of death if you come to a photoshoot unprepared as you may not get that opportunity again. This is a small industry and people talk so always come as prepared as you can

Another great piece with Obi! For more information about Obi check out his website here

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