Interview With Fitness Author/Trainer Angelique Mills

Angelique Mills has been a fitness competitor, trainer and author for the past 10 years. Let’s see what she has to say.

Q:How did you get involved in fitness?

A:I started working out as a result of wanting to lose weight when I was in college. I had put on nearly 40 pounds in a little over than a year from overindulging and being inactive. I had my “aha” moment when I was walking with a couple of girlfriends past a store window and saw our reflections- I was in the middle and they were so much thinner than me. I began working out and embraced a fit lifestyle and lost nearly 40 pounds and 5 dress sizes going from a size 12 to a size 2. My transformation did not happen overnight!  I endured many struggles and obstacles on the road to a healthier and happier me and fitness soon became one of my biggest passions. I loved how empowered I felt from training- it instilled in me a new sense of confidence and I began competing in Bikini in 2008 and last year I changed careers and started my own fitness business in Miami, FL.

Q:Why do people find it so hard to consistently eat well? Is it a lack of knowledge? A lack of cooking skills?

A:I think people’s eating habits are a combination of many factors. Society has made it so acceptable for people to take the easy way out and “drive thru” their cares away at the end of a stressful workday. I think it comes down to desire- some people do not care about prioritizing their wellbeing but the information is out there for those who want it. We have a world of knowledge at our fingertips: If a person has a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, they will take it upon themselves to become educated. When I got fed up with the lifestyle that I was leading, I immersed myself in fitness magazines, books and websites and it was the culmination of my desire and the education that finally made everything fall into place.

Q:Most everyone wants to run before they crawl. That is, they see someone on the cover of a magazine and want to look like them in 12 weeks. How do you manage your clients expectations?

A:Fitness is a lifestyle, not just a “look”.  I think it’s fantastic that people get motivated to achieve that look but they have to be realistic by setting small, detailed goals. It takes time to build muscle, time to perfect your diet habits and even more time to balance your new habits and transform your life through fitness. I explain to my clients that they need to have a balance of patience and persistence- they may not get the results they want right away but if they stay focused on their goals, one day they will. They just need to enjoy the process and love themselves enough to do things the right way.

Q:What type of cardio do you prefer? Steady state or high intensity?

A:I like steady cardio on the Elliptical or Stairclimber for about 25-40 minutes 3 days a week. One day a week I like to go for a run outdoors. I also do circuit training 4-5 days a week where I infuse high intensity cardio intervals of 30-60 seconds with my weight training. I mix in kettlebells, jump rope, jump squats, stepping to keep my heart rate up between my resistance training exercises. I love the way I feel when I finish training. There is something euphoric about circuit training that puts me on another level.

Q:How did you get involved with Jennifer Nicole Lee in creating the Bikini Model programs?

A:I worked with JNL on a project basis for a few years. I met her while I was in college working at a retail store, she was one of my best clients and I witnessed her transformation firsthand. She is a dynamic and inspirational person and 2 summers ago I had the amazing opportunity of co-authoring the bikinimodelprogram with her. I am also Editor in Chief of and which are all fantastic fitness programs for women that can be done in the comfort of home with a few pieces of equipment. Sometimes you can’t make it to the gym or just want to workout at home and these programs make it so easy for women to do so. They also include nutritional guidance, recipes, instructional photos of the exercises and lots of beauty tips from tanning, skincare, getting rid of cellulite and other regimens that fitness and bikini models do to look cover ready. If you are getting ready for summer, the is a must have guide!

Q:Any future plans that you’d like to share? Where can we find out more information about you?

A:My main focus for 2010 is to cultivate my fitness business both locally and nationally. I also look forward to sharing my firsthand experience, tools and strategies for developing & retaining a strong and focused “life/work/fitness balance” through my current book project in the works. More details coming soon but the book will be geared towards helping others implement and maintain a fit lifestyle in the midst of a stressful corporate work environment and will include some of the most successful time management techniques & disciplines that help readers improve their mental focus through fitness with the added benefits of maximizing their productivity and enriching other areas of their lives.

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