Interview With Personal Trainer Jaime Filer

Jaime Filer has “grown up” online recently and have given some good training advice so let’s get into it with her.

1) How did you get started in bodybuilding/fitness?

I didn’t get start in the traditional way. My life as a bodybuilder actually began as a manifestation of my eating disorder (which developed at 11). As I got older, I because obsessive compulsive about my exercise, eventually working my way up to 4 hours a day, and working my way DOWN to 95lbs at 5″7. I started competitive bodybuilding because I had 5% bodyfat, and was ripped to shreds. So I figured, because I couldn’t do athletics due to my frailty, that I would get onstage as a competitive bodybuilder.

After 2 years of competing, I was approached by a judge who told me that I looked sickly, and was not going to continue winning shows if I didn’t get myself some help. So I decided then and there that 9 years of anorexia was enough, and I got myself on the road to health. After that, I REALLY got started in bodybuilding/fitness (the RIGHT way), and decided to become a trainer to help MORE people feel better about themselves and improve their self esteem through how they feel about their bodies.

2) Are you frustrated being a trainer? I mean, you have all the tools to help people but sometimes they just don’t want to be helped?

That part of the training is frustrating, yes. I mean, they’re the ones investing time and money, but sometimes they either won’t show up to sessions, or will give me a half-assed effort. Either way, it’s not great. But more often than not, I get people willing to listen, willing to put in the effort, and willing to be consistent because they realize it’s THEIR money, THEIR time and THEIR bodies that are at stake, not mine.

So sometimes I get frustrated, but I keep my composure, and just try to grin and bare it. Eventually, they’ll come around. If not, I’ll kick their ass til they do.

3) Why are women afraid of building muscle? Personally, the hottest women are the ones with some muscle on them? How do you get it through to your clients that they need to build muscle in order to increase their metabolism?

I think women are afraid of building muscle because they think that lifting heavy weights will lead to them looking like Arnold with a ponytail. Society and maintstream media has made a lot of people believe that low weight, high reps is great for fat-burning and “toning”, and heavier weights will make them “bulky.”And they’re bombarded DAILY with these messages, so they’ve convinced themselves that “toning” is the right way to workout.  They’re afraid building muscle will make them build “too much” muscle, and look unfeminine and undesireable. Which, as you pointed out, is NOT the case. Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Gabrielle Anwar… all the hottest women in Hollywood right now… ALL train hard!

I explain it simply to my clients; I tell them that one of the reasons males can eat so much and not gain weight, and why their LEANER female riends can eat so much and not gain weight is because muscle is such a metabolically active tissue that it burns up whatever you eat right away because it NEEDS to be fed. More muscle = More food. Women get that.

4) A lot of clients come to you with slow or damaged metabolisms. How do you manage to change that?

I change it by doing the OPPOSITE of what a lot of people would THINK to do. If someone comes to me with a slow metabolism, I GRADUALLY introduce more food into their diet. This will help the hormones that are associated with hunger and fat metabolism, and also remind the body that it is NOT in starvation mode, and allow it to continue processing food and nutrients at a normal, healthy rate.

They MIGHT gain a little weight back at the beginning, but it’s only a matter of time before the metabolism is humming again, and we have more room to play with when they want to start cutting again. It’s a delicate balance. I also take into account their current training and supplement protocols, because nothing is isolated in regards to the body; everything you do has an impact on everything else.

5) A big issue that a lot of women have is that they want to train their stomach all the time. What are some of the more effective ab training methods that you use?

No sit ups. First and foremost. I try and avoid anything that’s too “trunk flexion”-centric. I focus on bracing, rotation/anti-rotation exercises and extension/anti-extention exercises. So things like Woodchoppers, landmines, Palloff presses and plank variations. Those are the most effective, in my opinion.

I also have my clients (EVENTUALLY) work up to heavy sets of deadlifts, squats and bent over rows. When you brace and breathe properly when performing these exercises, there’s no way you CAN’T develop a solid, strong set of abs.

6) If you could look like one celebrity, in fitness or outside, who would it be and why?

Gina Alliotti, the IFBB figure pro. She’s got classic lines, and incredibly proportional and symmetrical physique. She’s also got amazing conditioning, which I really admire and respect, especially in women, because it’s hard for us to get down to that level of leanness, but she does it consistently for all pro shows.

7) What are you top three supplements?

Xtend, which is a Branched chain amino acid supplement. Must must must have for me, especially while dieting, and while I’m probably not getting as much nutrition as I need. I’ve used DAILY since 2007, and it’s not only helped me put on lean muscle while in the offseason, but it’s helped me KEEP that muscle while prepping for shows.

Whey – I work 10 – 14 hours a day at gyms, and often, it’s difficult to get meals in. When that happens, I take a protein shake with peanut butter in it as a substitute. Keeps my insulin levels normal, and keeps me satisfied.

Caffeine – North America’s #1 drug 😀 My day often starts at 6am with a workout, and ends at 9pm with my last client. In between, I need quick and fast energy. When that happens, nothing wrong with an Iced Venti Americano at Starbucks.

8) Where can we find more information out about you? – I do online/remote training, and it’s also got a bit of history about me, and how to get in touch with me.

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