Ironman & Bodyspace Spokesmodel Contest 2010 Aundrea Annin

I caught a picture of Aundrea Annin online and immediately said to myself “She’s got that athletic look” so I shot her a email and get into her mind and body.

Q: How did you get involved in fitness and how did it lead you to the Ironman & Bodyspace Spokesmodel Contest 2010

A:Fitness has always been a staple in my life. From a young age, I started dancing, cheerleading, as well as playing soccer. Being an athlete was in my nature. After college, I decided it was time to move on now that cheerleading was over, but where to go was the question. I joined a local 24 Hour Fitness where I found myself pounding the crap out of the treadmill day after day and seeing no change in my body. This is the point where I decided it was time to hire a personal trainer. Let me tell you, she turned my world upside down and I was about to embark on a journey that would end up bring my life!

Not only did I build a great relationship with her, but she inspired me to start personal training on my own. And this takes me to where I am today. I have been a personal trainer since 2006, and not until this year did I really take the initiative to strive for more. I was always content with where I was in the corporate gym world and didn’t want to take the next step forward and start on my own independently. But, a close person in my life motivated me and pushed me to start training on my own. I now do that for a living and absolutely love every minute of it!

As far as modeling goes, I have trained for a Figure Show in the past, but didn’t quite make it to the end. I was weak at this point and really not driven to take the steps it required.  Now more recently, I have been approached many times with the idea of getting back into it and possibly doing a show, but it really doesn’t fit me and what I am looking for.

So when Ben Edwards from Elite Nutrition approached me at the gym a few months back, he gave me the idea of getting into fitness modeling and that they would be interested in sponsoring me. I took them up on the offer, got some recent fitness photos taken, and have been in talks with some major magazines.

After seeing a picture of one of my favorite fitness models, Jamie Eason, wearing a sports bra, I looked up the website and decided to join. This is where I stumbled across the ad for the Bodyspace Model Contest. It seemed like a great way to get exposure as well as a way to keep myself motivated and on my A game!

Q: What are your 3 favorite bodyparts to train and why?

A:My 3 favorite body parts to train would be chest, back, and abs. I love working my chest because no matter how heavy or light I go, I ALWAYS get sore from it. Gives me the feeling of satisfaction with my workout. As far as training my back, a dream of mine had always been to be able to do a pull-up. I struggled and struggled with these for months! One day it was brought to my attention that if you hang a band up on the cable machine, it will give you some assistance in doing a pull-up. I did this for weeks…and boom!

One day, I did a pull-up! Best feeling of accomplishment! And lastly abs…who doesn’t like those! I thrive off of having a great stomach, so this is a must for me! I love doing planks, hanging leg raises, and V-Seats. Having a 6 pack shows just how hard you work!

Q: What’s up with your diet?

A:As far as my diet goes, it has its ups and downs. When I know that there is a photo shoot coming up or some event that I need to be in tip top shape for, I will definitely lay off the sugar and stick to the lean meats and veggies. Added protein is a must as well. And a sweet potato here and there might be in the mix.  But, if there is nothing on my calendar insight for a few weeks, I will definitely give myself some leeway. I don’t completely fall off the wagon, but I will allow myself to eat some carbohydrates if wanted as well as a glass of wine here or there.  I am a huge fan of sugar, so during this time, I take full advantage, but in moderation of course

Q: Most frustrating area to train and why?

A:I would say the most frustrating area for me to train would definitely be my legs. I have always had a more muscular build where my legs are always a bit bigger than my upper body mostly due to dancing and cheerleading.  So in order to get them lean and proportioned to my upper body, I really have to concentrate on more body weight movements and higher repetitions. But I can’t look at my legs as a problem area, but more as a challenge and something I need to take head on and conquer.  I make sure to train them 2 times a week and finish all the repetitions with no room for slacking or failure.

Q: How has your social life changed?

A:When it comes to my physique motivating people and how it relates to my social life, I would have to say that it hasn’t changed all too much.  As you know, Facebook is a way of life these days, so there are quite a few more people trying to add me on Facebook as their friend etc, but I look at that as a positive thing! Also, I now have more people approaching me at the gym and asking me questions about fitness and such. This makes me proud to know that I have inspired people in some way.  Of course there are going to be the “overly friendly” guys who like to chit chat with me, but I know it’s all in good fun.  So overall, my social life hasn’t changed too much.

Q: Where can we find more information out about you?

A:Find out more about Aundrea on our Facebook page. Click here now

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