Kathy Laucius Interview

After talking to NPC figure competitor Kathy Laucius, I wanted to get her the site to learn how she gets in such fantastic shape.

How did you start working out?

I didn’t start working out until 2002.  After having 2 children, I decided to hire a trainer to help me lose the weight.  I learned about the benefits of weight training and cardio. AFter years of finding my way (along with finally embracing a clean diet), I decided to train for a figure competition.  After 4 comps in 2008, I am now a nationally qualified competitor with the NPC.  I took 2009 off to build more muscle & I plan to compete at the NPC Jr. USA’s in Las Vegas on July 31st.

How do you stay focused on your diet?

Staying focused on my diet is easy because as a personal trainer, I am a walking billboard for my business.  I’ve also learned that most “gains” are made in the kitchen, not necessarily in the gym.  At this time, because I’m still weeks away from beginning my comp diet, I do have a cheat day every Saturday.  I eat what I want & when I want it.  The only rule I have is to take in some amount of sugar before I eat in order to get my insulin levels high.  This helps me digest the food and deliver it to my body for quick results.
What does your diet look like?
My diet currently consists of about 125 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbs and 28 grams of fat.  My favorite protein sources are eggs, lean tureky, chicken, tilapia and tuna.  My main carb sources are sweet potatos, brown & white rice, oatmeal, fruits & vegetables.  My fats come mainly from almonds & flax seeds.  I do not cook with any oils & use PAM exclusively for all my cooking needs.  I supplement with fish oil pills.

I will begin to cut the diet 18 weeks outside of my July 31st show.  The biggest difference will be the amount of carbs I take in on a daily basis as well as the types of carbs that will be deleted from the plan (mostly fruits).

What does your training look like?

Right now I’m training with bodypart splits.  A typical week looks like this:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back & biceps
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Shoulders & Triceps
Friday: Legs
Saturday: 1 hour of kickboxing
Sunday: REST

I train heavy for all bodyparts.  I use drop sets (one set of 10 reps with heavy weight followed by another set of 10 reps with lower weight) for my shoulders only.  I use supersets on Legs Day.  For example, I will do a set of squats followed by a set of walking lunges.

My cardio is a mix of HIIT and moderate training.  Right now I do about 3.5 hours of cardio a week.  This number can go all the way up to 9 hours a week (yes, lots of double cardios in one day) right before a competition.

Can you tell us about your ab training?

I train my abs almost every day.  I use a combo of lower & upper abdominal exercises.  My favorite exercises are hanging leg raises, stability ball crunches and weighted crunches using an incline bench.

Where can we find more information out about you?

My personal web site is www.kathylaucius.com

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