Fitness Model Bikini Diet With Lacey Lynn

Hi everybody its been a great week . I have done great on my diet and cardio twice a day.

I mostly did the stair mill this week I have noticed some size on my quads and glutes I feel like by doing the stair mill I am having to do less leg workouts which this week is a good thing I had a little mishap with the squat rack on Monday . Im continuing to lift heavy and hit the weights five days this week. I have noticed Iā€™m a little more tired which is to be expected with a lot of cardio and lower calories.

I have had some people ask about some of the supplements I take. I take several however the most important supplement I take is protein .Studies have found that people who combine a diet with whey protein and exercise have more lean muscle tissue and lose more body fat. This is achieved through various actions. For one, whey protein has been shown to have an effective satiety effect on people. This helps reduce daily calories, and there fore encourages weight loss. Added my favorite recipe. Yes at this point I considered this cheating a little, but I earned it šŸ˜‰



ā€¢ 1 scoop of vanilla protein

1 serving of blueberry low fat yogurt

ā€¢ 4 strawberries

ā€¢ 15 blueberries

ā€¢ 16 ounces of nonfat milk

ā€¢ 1.2 cup of ice cubes.

It is so good that you should serve it with a little umbrella in it!

Lacey Lynn– Arnold Classic Bikini Diet blog

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