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Here’s another installment of fitness model training with Lacey Lynn

Hi everybody thanks for following me on my quest . The arnold is around the corner ,and my first figure show just 2 weeks after that . This week training was great … I did back off the stairmill getting to lean to fast. As well as holding onto a little water from a bit of over training.  Had a really good lat workout today its an area I have neglected but need to define before my figure show. Im lifting heavy weights dropping my sets to 4-6 reps. Its getting down wire time to put on at least a half inch on my arms 🙂

Ladies to put on muscle lift heavy no you will not look like a bodybuilder contest winner (no offense of course cause I respect what they do )

The  myth must die.Lifting heavy will cause a desirable athletic body. Sound good?

Women do not have the hormones to build muscle mass like a man.So ladies increase those weights, Build that sexy strong body cause spring is almost upon us and nothing is more beautiful then a strong fit female turning heads at the beach 😉

few tips when lifting heavy

Always warm up  and keep your repetitions between 4-6 reps continue to add weight weekly or bi-weekly.

Lacey Lynn

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  1. Benson
    9 years ago

    Couldn’t agree with you more Lacey Lynn. And you look incredibly awesome! Best wishes to you in your competition. Stay on top of the food chain!

  2. Darin Heins
    8 years ago

    Please, can you email me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

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