Lacey Lynn’s Final Two Weeks To The Arnold Classic

Lacey’s back with another installement of her diet blog. The Arnold classic is less than two weeks away and she’s getting leaner. Let’s catch up.

Its been a good few weeks im cutting weight like I wanted to However I feel like I have hit a small change in my progress ,,, So I started a new concept with my diet im trying a carb cycle . Which is 3 days of few carbs . Carbs coming from only eggs , lean meats and veggies . Then I go back on my regular diet. Third day on the diet and woke up to go to posing class pretty lean today … Alot of what will be lost at first is water (Four grams of water per gram of carbohydrate approximately)… Im a little nervouse about being to lean for the Arnold but lean enough for my first figure debut 😉 …Im really excited about the Arnold headed out there March 3rd … Very excited to see old friends and meet new ones …..Wish me luck i have 11 days to dial in Thanks for all the support xoxox

Lacey Lynn

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  1. Benson
    8 years ago

    Leaning out! Looking great!

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