Fine Figure:Monica Starr

Monica Starr recently scored her first magazine cover and has been making a lot of noise in the figure model industry. So I decided to sit down with her for candid one-on-one interview

1) Tell us more about yourself. Who are you? How long have you been training and what are your goals and aspirations in the fitness industry?
Who am I? I am a small town country girl from Kansas who enjoy long walks on the beach, champagne and bubble baths and shopping! Just kidding! First of all, we don’t have beaches in Kansas, Silly! I enjoy hunting, fishing, horse back riding, and anything that has to do with the great outdoors! I have been training since Jr. High. I think I was the only girl that took working out seriously, so I really enjoyed gym class because it was a chance to hit the weights! As far as goals in the fitness industry: I would love to get the cover of my all time FAVORITE magazine…PLANET MUSCLE!!!


2) How would you describe your training leading up to a photo shoot? In any type of Did you specialize in any areas?

Training leading up to a shoot involves lighter weights and lots of interval training. For example, I start my treadmill and leave it running. I walk fast at the highest incline for 3 minutes and then do two sets of weights. I repeat that for 45 minutes. My favorite day of lifting is legs! I love working legs!

3) What was your cardio like going into photo shoots? 2 hours a day or did you do some progressive cardio?
Like I mentioned, I do a lot of interval training before shoots. I usually start 30 days from a shoot on the interval training.  I also add in a 30 minute jog every day.


4) What does a typical days worth of meals look like to you?
I usually always eat clean. I like to have a cheat day once a week to save my sanity. I eat lots of chicken, eggs, and drink protein drinks. My favorite protein drink is Muscle Milk Brownie Batter flavor. I eat every 3 hours, and no carbs after 4:00pm.

5) What are some of the things that you noticed about yourself, your diet and your training as you began to lean out and get that rock hard stomach?
I noticed that the hardest thing to get in shape is my legs. The easiest thing to get in shape is my abs. And my arms are always hard and lean.


6) Where can we find more info out about you?
Find out more about Monica on our Facebook Fanpage

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