Norma Earles Interview

Norma Earles has a very inspiring story so I wanted to sit down with her in hopes that see can help you learn how to change your body.

Can you tell us how you got started in working out?

A few years ago my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, while helping her though it we became aware of the links between cancer and the hormones
found in cheese, meat and poultry. We were horrified!!! I knew I had to change my life and the way I was treating my body. So I started researching
bodybuilding and clean eating, which would prepare me for my new journey in life! After three months of hard training and good nutrition, I started seeing
amazing results, I was HOOKED!! My sister is doing great and her cancer is in remission.

How do you stay dedicated and focused on your diet? Do you have a once per week cheat meal?
When I made it a life style change and not just another diet, it made things easier. Now I just try to keep it fresh and cook new things with healthy foods,
so I don’t get bored. I always search video’s and fitness sites to help keep me on track (check out my youtube channel by clicking here) Once in awhile I will eat some
dark chocolate or something like that, but I don’t like to make it a habit because it makes me crave it even more! Best bet for me is to stay away and drink
a green tea 🙂

What does your diet look like?
My diet changes with what I’m trying to achive, at the moment it looks like this:
I eat every 3 hours, my protein comes from fish, eggs, whey, and greek yogurt. My fats consist of fish oil, flax oil, olive oil, coconut flour, natural
peanut butter, and nuts. And my carbs come from fruits and vegetables, once a week I might have grains like oats, whole wheat pasta and popcorn, sometimes
I make a day of it and would consider that my cheat. Even though it’s really not, it feels like it to me!

How are you training these days?

I always mix it up every two months or so, I like to keep my body guessing. Right now I am doing a heavy/light split, here is what it looks like:
Sun: Heavy legs, weighted abs
mon: Light back and bi’s
tues: Heavy chest, shoulders and tri’s. non weighted abs
wed: OFF
thurs: Light legs
fri: Heavy back, bi’s. weighted abs
sat: Light chest, shoulders, tri’s
I like to add in jump roping on the light days, to keep my heart rate up when resting in between sets. I always walk after each leg day for 20 or 30 min
to help with the soreness but that is it for cardio.

Do you train your abs often? if so what does a typical ab workout look like?
Three, maybe four times a week. I like to train with weight sometimes and without other times, just to mix it up. When I train with weight I do 3 sets of 10
to 15 reps and without weight 4 sets of 30 to 40 reps. My favorite exercises are weighted plank, v-up’s, rope pull down and captain’s chair ( with 15 to 20
pound dumbbell in between feet)

Where can we find more information out about you?

Bodyspace, my user name is jennyj242.

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