The bodybuilders doctor, an inside look at Warren Wiley

So I found Warren Wiley online the other day and looked him up. I mean an MD who’s a bodybuilder? No way! Let’s see what he has to say.

1)      How did you get involved in weight training?

I was the classic sickly, skinny kid that had rocks and trees thrown in my face (we did not live by any sand).  I literally weighed 75 pounds when I was 11, so my dad bought a home gym set to bulk me up and a subscription to Muscle and Fitness.  I dove right in!  For my 12th birthday, my dad bought me a gym membership to the local meathead gym and I have never turned back.  I had a few of the big bodybuilders there take me under their wing and taught me the ropes with weight lifting and in exchange I wrote them eating plans as my interest had turned to the power of food by then. The owner of the gym saw this exchange of info going on, and hired me as a personal trainer.  Not including my paper rout when I was little, the only two jobs I have ever had are that of a personal trainer and physician.

2)      Now you’re slightly different from traditional fitness authors. You’re actually a MD! How has that changed your frame of reference in regards to helping help lose fat and build muscle?

Helping people drop fat and put on some lean muscle is exactly why I got into medicine.  The power of food is unmatched and unfortunately – unrecognized by most.  Food is the most powerful drug out there.  Almost all of the chronic disease states I deal with in medical practice are directly related to peoples diets.  It’s unfortunate that we are a society of quick fixes and symptom management.  The true heart of the issue is diets and exercise, or lack thereof.

3)      You wrote a book titled “Better than steroids”. How can someone who is a natural life time athlete, through their nutrition, manipulate their anabolic hormones?

Once again, the answer is food!  BTS covers it in some detail, especially using one of the most powerful anabolic hormones out there: insulin.  Simply put: anyone can exercise and lift weights.  Anyone can take drugs and look good for a little while.  The people that look good all the time (goal for anyone out there?) know how to eat!  All of the body’s hormones can be manipulated with food and how you eat.  I have another short book coming out in the next few months on doing just that!

4)      What holistic approaches or herbal remedies do you find work well for bodybuilders?

The most powerful holistic approach a bodybuilder can do is learning how to eat.  Find how your body responds to different macronutrient amounts:  Do you look and feel better with higher fat or higher carbohydrates?  What is an optimal calorie range for you to hit your goals and still function with ease every day?  How often can you get away with cheating on your diet?  How often to you purposefully cheat on your diet and gain some serious lean mass by doing so? As far as herbals/vitamins/supplements/etc., there is so many that it is hard to narrow it down to a few for you.  To most certainly sound like a broken record, leaning how to eat should come way before a trip to the supplement store…

5)      Where can we find out more information about you?

You can learn more about the good doctor on our Facebook Page. I write for a number of on-line journals and magazines as well.  I am more than happy to take questions via email too.

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