Who is Micah LaCerte?

In this whole crazy new social media world of facebook and twitter (follow me on there if you aren’t for KILLER info), it’s common to “find” someone that you weren’t familiar with before. That’s how I “met” Micah LaCerte. It actually was through his girlfriend, Diana Chaloux, whom I interviewed before.  So I finally got him to sit down and open the book on who he is and his trainer ideals.

Q: Tell us who Micah LaCerte is. Why did you start training and what motivates you to continually progress and focus day in and day out?

A: Initially I started working out because I grew up a skinny kid.  I wanted to add muscle and become more athletic.  Through college I never thought about becoming a model or being in fitness magazines. I was living in Kansas how in the world would I get to that level and noticed.  After I graduated college I got approached from a local photographer and from day 1 I loved modeling.  I did everything I could, work as hard as possible to get myself and my pictures seen.  For a few years I traveled working with photographers that shot for magazines.  A few years ago my focus changed from the modeling side of things to Personal training/Life Coaching.  I have been training now for 9 years and absolutely love what I do.  There is no better feeling in the world to me then helping someone change their body and lifestyle for the better.  This is why I am as motivated as I am.  I stay in shape to inspire others and to feel great.

Q: It seems that the only people that do the traditional bulking and cutting method of gaining a ton of weight in hopes that some will be muscle then cutting it down and hoping that they maintain that muscle are newbie’s or people that just don’t know any better. Have you ever followed this type of nutritional approach?

A: This is actually what I have been doing that last few years, although my off season is still in very good shape visually.  My first 3 years of modeling I stayed around 180-185 lean.  Now I hover off season around 215 and get down to about 200 when I shoot or compete.  Having your body fat at 5% year round is tough, your energy levels are not as high as they need to be and can feel mentally drained. .  Now I keep my body fat around 7-9% off season and use the extra calories I consume for energy.  I am always 2-4 weeks away from shooting if I need to or get the call

Q: Now I bring up bulking and cutting because I’m pretty sure you don’t use it. Yet you make muscular gains while keeping your body fat percentage low for photo shoots etc. How heavy do you allow yourself to get in order to make some gains but not sacrificing your conditioning in case an editor calls? Since most people make the magical “build muscle and lose fat” combination. They’ll look at you and say “oh he juices” (some people can be straight up Haters).

A: Like I said prior I let my body fat get to 7-9% I can get it under 4-5% within weeks if needed.  For my first competition this past sept I dieted for 13 days and got down to 2.8% body fat from about 6%  Its funny when I hear people say to others that I’m on steroids or using things that help promote my growth.  Come live in my shoes for a day and you will realize why I am in the shape I am in.  I am flattered with the compliment though Jimmy I was born a hardgainer which made it very difficult for me to gain weight but I would always stay lean.  I now have to eat 4500-5500 calories per day to add lean muscle.

Q: How many days a week do you train? Do you follow body part split training? What do you feel has worked best for you in order to make gains then maintain your muscle when you diet?

A: I have 2 different styles of training.  When I’m adding muscle I stick to heavier movements, more rest time and keep my calories higher.  Bulking schedule is usually 4-5 days of weights per week.  When I get in shoot shape I stick with very high intensity style training such as tabata or hiit.  I stick with super setting, very little rest, sprint style cardio.  .  Shooting schedule is usually 6-7 days per week.  I split my body parts with chest/triceps, calves, back/biceps, legs/calves, shoulders/traps, off then repeat

Q:When you take an objective look at your physique, when do you know that it’s time to add more cardio in or manipulate your calories in order to continue dropping body fat?

A: I check my body fat about 1 time per month I never allow it to get over 8-9%.  I very rarely do cardio and when I do I stick with sprinting.  My body is almost 100% controlled through my diet and high intensity style weights.   I never have issues shredding fat quickly if I need to

Q: Where can we find more information about you?

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