It’s My 27th Birthday Today But I’m Giving You All The Presents.

Get 3 Of My Best Dieting And Training Guide Packages For Just $27 For The Next 48 Hours Only!

# 1 Ultimate Fitness Model Package (When individually sold, each book sells for $20)

Let’s be honest, if you really want to look like the guys on the cover of the magazines then you need 3 things. Arms, Chest And Shoulders. Those are the 3 big muscles that when fully developed, will get you noticed on the beach, at the bar or just about anywhere else.

Each bodypart book comes with a 12 week training program to maximize each bodypart as well as a 30 minute mp3 presentation on each bodypart detailing why it hasn’t grown for you, common training problems and how to overcome them as well as how to design your own program for each muscle so you keep growing.



# 2 The Calorie Scorch Bodyweight Workout DVD (Regular Price $35)

Don’t have the time or desire to spend a hour or so in the gym each day? Well then try this bodyweight workout. The Calorie Scorch System is designed in a 3 day per week format so that you can head to your basement or garage (with no equipment needed) and get a calorie burning, metabolism boasting workout in just 15 minutes. Perfect for anyone looking to lose weight and get a flat stomach.



# 3 The Physique Formula (Regularly sells for $40)

The ultimate in body transformation and redefinition. The Physique Formula is a 16 week program that aims to rapidly change your body while educating you on why your natural hormones are operating less than optimally and how to change it through food and training. Diet and training program included. This is the exact program for anyone looking to get a six pack while increasing lean muscle. For the bodybuilding fans, this is a must read.



Just in case you were wondering