Jimmy’s Training Log:Bodyfat Update 12-2-11

No training for me today. Got the bodyfat measured and I’m pleasantly happy with the results.

7 site skinfold measurements. You measure each area three times for accuracy.


Subscap (behind your shoulder blades)


Stomach/belly button

Mid-Axillary (point between your arm pit and hip)


Mid thigh

My biggest skin fold was my belly button that came in at 11 points. This is common for individuals with high cortisol and I plan on using a few different supplements to reduce cortisol to bring that down.

When you put that into the calculator and do the 7 point math it estimates that my bodyfat is around 6.5%

I’m pretty happy about that even when I feel that I’ve put fat on lately because I haven’t really been paying attention to my diet.  I’ll take it.

Important note: Metabolically speaking, the lower you can stay at a relatively lean bodyfat, the easier it will be. You don’t have to get to 6.5 present bodyfat in one month. Take it slow

Today’s inspirational picture comes from a random gym that I’d love to train at.

Here’s jimmy’s chest training and jimmy’s shoulder training

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