What are the best tasting meal replacement protein bars?

Here’s a short buyers guide the next time you head to the store to grab some meal replacement protein bars.

Quest Bars

The BEST TASTING PROTEIN SNACK BAR on the market BY FAR! These bars are packed with 20 grams of high quality whey isolate protein which is high absorbable. They don’t lie to you like other bars on the market and include no sugar alcohols with ONLY 4 grams of fiber. Plus they add healthy fat in the form of natural peanuts and almonds.


  • High quality whey isolate protein that is 100% useable by your body
  • Only 5 impact carbohydrates and over 12 grams of fiber so they are PERFECT for low carb diets
  • Over 5 delicious flavors and FREE shipping and gluten FREE


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I prefer the peanut butter but the vanilla almond crunch is good too. You get FREE shipping by clicking here now
Excellent taste, great value. Do yourself a favor and grab one box, give them a try but don’t blame me when your diet improves.
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I think I’m going to have one now.

Designs For Health Paleo Bar

A bar that is much more then just a energy bar, this bar is packed with antioxidants and is fructose free with omega-3 fats, fiber, glutamine and phosphatidyl choline for your eye and brain health.


  • The fat content is combined with almonds, almond butter and coconut oil to fight inflammation.
  • Aims to improve blood sugar response with prebiotic sweeteners like xylitol and green tea extract
  • 180 calories, 20 grams of carbs and fights the various components of autoimmune disease.

These bars aren’t the best for pure physique mind folks but they are healthy bars. I was able to get you guys a discount on these paleo bars by clicking here now.

Organic Living Food Bars

A little low on the protein but this bar is a great way to get your greens in and includes probiotics as well. All bars are sweetened with raw honey and contains organic fruits and nuts for a truly healthily bar and each meal replacement bar contains oat beta glucans


  • A raw, whole, live organic bar contain probiotics for improved gut health
  • 240 good calories so a great meal replacement bar
  • Includes all important oat beta glucans for optimal health

You can get the cheapest price on the organic bars by clicking here nowPure Protein Bar

One of the first protein bars that I initially experimented with, this is one of the better tasting meal replacement bars on the market. Highly intense fitness enthusiasts will knock the bar since it does contain soy protein but this is one of the better tasting bars anywhere. It’s not one of the healthiest however.  The only reason why I’m including this on my list is that I understand that some people just need to make a positive change. While all of the three bars listed above would be options, the Pure Protein bar is a lot better then french fries.

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