Cure Your Cravings, End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever And Get In The Fast Lane To Achieving Your Ideal Physique


Sure, you can spend hours online doing research and hundreds of $$$ buying diet books just so you can write your own meal plan but why not hire a world class nutrition coach to customize a plan guaranteed to work?

Thanks for checking out my meal plan page. I’m going to keep this letter short and sweet. I offer online training and diet programs at $300 per month and I’m BOOKED solid! ┬áSo I decided to offer a meal plan only program to help those that might not be able to afford $300 per month to get in incredible shape.

You Won’t Be Eating Grilled Chicken and Egg Whites

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you’ll pay me to tell you to eat chicken breasts. That would be a rip off and that’s not cool. Just look at a sample lunch meal that I recently gave to a client. See how it’s unique for their metabolism? See how it isn’t some bland meal plan? Can’t you see yourself sticking to this?

2 cups Chicken Soup

2/3 cup Honeydew Melon

15 Cashews

1 tsp macadamia nut oil

Now that’s not your typical fat loss meal now is it?

Listen, I’m not going to hype this offer up. You know why you’re here.

You are tired of…..

*Complex diets that force you to count calories.

*Restrictive nutrition programs that prevent you from eating the foods that you enjoy.

*Hyper aggressive eating plans that make you feel terrible 48 hours after you start.


With A Jimmy Smith Training Meal Plan You’ll Be Able To

* Enjoy foods that you like every day while getting closer to your goals (that’s right, no more once a week cheats).

*Follow a customized meal plan for your metabolism so you see and feel results instantly. Kiss the “one size fits all” program bye bye.

*Use our “switch and swap” system so that you can easily remove and add foods to your diet without the fear of screwing things up.


You Have Two Different Options


Option One :Seven Days Worth Of Meal Plans For $35


Option TWO: A FULL MONTH of Meal Plans For $60

Plus, you’re backed by my 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee!