I’m so sad to see you go….

I realize that you’ve decided that JST Premium isn’t right for you.

Maybe you didn’t get the exact information that you were looking for?

Since you were a loyal member during your time with us, I’d like to extend this offer to you. I’m going to give you my entire training and diet system for maximum physique transformation at a discounted rate.

You can test drive the entire Physique Formula program for just $5. That’s right.

I believe in The Physique Formula so much that I’m going to let you use the entire system for just $5. After you’ve transformed your body during the entire 30 day program and you’re completely happy with the results, I’ll bill you the remaining $35. Cool deal?

If on day 29 you’re not completely happy with you new body. Email me at jimmy@jimmysmithtraining.com and I’ll make sure that you aren’t charged anything more then $5.

How cool of a discount is that? Very