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Finally! A “No Fluff” Fitness Members Site Dedicated To Body Transformation

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Are you tired of fitness sites that gives you the song and dance without ever telling you exactly what you need to do to change your body?

Well then you found the right website, the ONLY fitness members area committed to YOUR body transformation goals!

If you’ve found this page then you’re probably familiar with my work and enjoy the information that I provide you through my various channels. If you don’t know me, please allow me a moment to introduce myself.

Who is Jimmy Smith?

It’s really hard to answer that question. I’m far from the normal trainer or nutrition consultant. I’ve written and have been featured in countless top fitness magazines because of my training and nutrition methods and I’ve helped thousands of people change their lives and bodies through my various manuals, reports, presentation and videos. I’ve trained and consulted with everyone from athletes to bodybuilders to models to figure and fitness models to anyone just looking to “lose a few pounds”. ┬áMore importantly, I “walk the walk”. In todays internet day, it’s all too common for anyone with a blog to proclaim that they know it all, yet they’ll never share a picture of themselves. What’s worse, is that many people who have great bodies have attained them through dangerous drugs or their god given genetics.

I’m the best of both worlds, bad genetics and a lot of knowledge. Just look at my recent transformation

Enough About Me, Here’s What You Get When You Become A Member

The BIGGEST difference between my members site and others on the ‘net, is that I’m in it every day answering questions and helping people out. You don’t some random moderators answering your toughest questions. You get the real life expert himself! Plus all of this….


And You Get All Of These Bonuses When You Sign Up Today

I believe in over delivering and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. When you join today, you’ll get INSTANT access to these 4 bonuses to transform your body

The BulletProof Body

The Look Good Naked 7 System: This was an online presentation that I gave to only a select few of my private coaching clients (who all pay me $275 per month) where I reveal what I feel are the 7 pillars to looking good naked. After you finish this presentation you’ll have the frame work in place to take to the gym today to start seeing results!

Plateau Smackdown: While others overcomplicate it, overcoming training and diet plateaus is fairly simple and easy once you know why you’ve hit the platuea. In this special report, I lay out the most frequent plateaus in the gym and with your diet and exactly how you can lay the smackdown on them forever

Transformation Interrogations: This is a interview collection that I did with some of the top body transformation experts in the world including Dr.John Berardi, Dr.Chris Mohr, Shawn Phillips and Tom Venuto. After you listen to these audio interviews you’ll be on the “inside” and know exactly what the top fitness models and celebrities do to get cover model ready.