22 Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue And The Diet To Fix Them

My first big “splash” on the internet was an article I wrote on Adrenal Fatigue in 2005. Back then, information on the topic wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. Thus, closed minded folks rejected the theory. In reality, adrenal fatigue was in its infancy as a frequent and popular condition. Let’s all be honest, there are warning signs of adrenal fatigue that we see every single day yet we might not be aware of those symptoms.  Here’s 22 signs, symptoms and diet fixes for adrenal fatigue.

Before I begin I should mention that I wrote a in-depth report on how to combat and permanently reverse adrenal fatigue that you can purchase for $10 right here.


  1. While not a direct sign of adrenal fatigue, any type of active, daily stress will cause your adrenals to CRASH. Yes, I know, stress is everywhere and we can’t, unfortunately, minimize certain stresses in our life. We have to work but we don’t have to deal with such intense pressure as we seem to be right now. Whatever place you’re stuck in right now, you can get out of it. Just recognize that daily stress is going to be the #1 issue behind your unhappiness and your adrenal fatigue.
  2. You lose your ability to concentrate frequently.
  3. You notice that regardless of how much Vitamin C you take or how good you eat, you frequently get sick.
  4. Allergies ALWAYS seem to pop up. While they may get more severe during certain times of the year, you always suffer from some type of allergic reaction to the outdoors.
  5. Another big sign of adrenal fatigue is chronic joint pain even if you supplement with smart joint alternatives.
  6. You crave sugars and sweets daily and you have an inability to go a day without a urge.
  7. You have chronic low blood pressure. This is a very common sign of adrenal fatigue as our mineral balance is all types of screwed up.
  8. Your skin is chronically dry and or thick making you look like Betty White but not as cool.
  9. Nervousness is a HUGE sign of adrenal fatigue as your body secretes cortisol at improper times.
  10. The inability to handle temperature extremes. I suffer from this big time when the weather rapidly changes.
  11. Daily headaches, even during stress free activities, is also a big sign of adrenal fatigue.

While there are numerous more signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue, it’s important to offer an alternative to fixing and correcting these issues. As I noted, I have a more in-depth report available right here for just $10.  Here’s 11 adrenal fatigue diet changes that you can make in order to ensure that you reverse or reduce any signs or symptoms of adrenal fatigue that you may be experiencing in daily life.

  1. Ensure proper nutrition absorption through the use of a very low carb/starch diet. While I won’t call it the paleo diet, I often advise my clients to use a very low starch carbohydrate diet since starches, legumes and some nuts contain phytates. Phytates and phytic acid contain a lot of phosphorus which binds to minerals and pushes them out of the body. Thus we won’t be able to absorb magnesium, zinc and calcium.
  2. Follow my morning quick detox. While detox advocates will tell you that I need to do another 35 things to properly detox, I really don’t have time for that. I wake up and take 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil which helps to stimulate a process of cell death and reprogramming (this is all VERY healthy) known as autophagy. I also drink a 8 ounce glass of alkalized water with 1 fresh lemon squeezed in it. 30 minutes later I’ll drink some iced black or green tea. The lemon and green tea both help to stimulate two different detox pathways to rid my tissues of stored toxins that I just get from walking around.
  3. Take proteolytic enzymes 30 minutes before you eat when you wake up in the morning to normalizes your pancreas and reduce inflammation.
  4. Make sure you’re taking a high quality B complex multiple times per day
  5. Take at least 400-800 mg’s of magnesium glycinate per day.
  6. Ditch the milk. It doesn’t matter if it’s raw or grass fed. Get rid of it.
  7. Sleep in a completely pitch black room at night. Any little light will rob your bodies natural melatonin production.
  8. Exercise less. To be honest, if you’re training more than 4 times per week you’re doing a lot wrong.
  9. Consume at least 12 grams of omega-3 fish oil for 3 weeks then slowly lower it towards 6 grams per day.
  10. Don’t drop your calories too low. I know it’s common to see adrenal fatigue diet recommendations that advise a very low calorie approach but the lower the calories the more our body will release cortisol.
  11. Drink more green tea for the theanine content which it contains. This will help your body relax during the course of the day.


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