Agmatine:Super arginine?

Agmatine is the latest muscle building supplement promising increased pumps but does it really work?

Can agmatine give you better muscle pumps and nutrient partitioning and increased growth hormone?  It appears that agmatine can shuttle calories into muscle cells for a greater muscle building and fat loss benefit.  This traps water in the cell which is also a potent anabolic signal. It also appears to inhibit the nitric oxide synthase enzyme to increase blood flow and better pumps. Agmatine might also play a central role in governing growth hormone increase as well.

Can you take agmatine and L citrulline malate together?

In a nutshell, yes. Both agmatine and l citrulline malate intercovert but at different speeds.  Citrulline recycles into arginine and offers a prolonged conversation rate. Agmatine turns into arginine slightly slower. You’ll get different forms of nitric oxide at different times which does provide some performance benefits


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