8 Supplements For A Slow Thyroid

Slow thyroid

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Now before I go further I highly suggest that you get a full thyroid panel blood test as well as examine your reverse T4. Also, are you inactive because your lazy? Do you not want to put down the cookies and eat some whole grains? If you’re not trying to lose weight and if you wouldn’t classify yourself as a decent eater then it isn’t your thyroid, it’s you being lazy.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, I just want to prove a point that symptoms of a low thyroid don’t nesscarily mean that you have a medical condition. Women, by nature, will have slower thyroid then men but it doesn’t mean that they need to be medicated. Our society just wants to keep you on more and more pills, which is why our health care system is failing.


Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own health and there are numerous nutrients that play a role in thyroid health or in a lack of thyroid health.

  • Iodine: Our body needs a healthy dose of iodine to make thyroid hormone, in 2007 it was estimated that at least 30% of the world’s population is low in iodine. Pretty scary right? It’s a big problem partly because we’re often told to a avoid salt since it raises blood pressure. During pregnancy, T4 production doubles which increases our daily requirements of iodine. Even moderate deficiencies in iodine have been shown to lower an infants IQ by as much as 16 points! Aim to get 1,150 mcg daily of iodine either through this iodine supplement or various seaweed greens.
  • Selenium: A very important mineral for people that have slow thyroids. Our thyroid actually contains more selenium then any other bodily organ. It has been suggested that supplementing with selenium will improve the conversion of T4 to T3. The actual cells of the thyroid needs selenium for proper functioning. People who suffer from Celiacs disease may also have a selenium deficiency.
  • Zinc: Known as a helpful nutrient for slow thyroids, zinc has been shown to normal free T3 and total T3 levels.
  • Iron:A deficiency in iron prevents the thyroid from operating properly since it reduces the important thyroid peroxidase enzyme. Anemia goes hand in hand with iron deficiencies.
  • Vitamin E: Since vitamin E reduces oxidative stress it can combat a slow thyroid. I prefer this brand of Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin D: Being low vitamin D has been linked to an increased risk of autoimmune thyroid diseases. New science even suggests that vitamin D deficient is more common among people with potential thyroid cancer. Get your vitamin D.
  • Vitamin B12: Most individuals with a slow thyroid are found to have vitamin B12 decreased levels. A Pakistani study reported that out of 116 hypothyroid patients tested positive for vitamin B12, 40% were low!
  • Turmeric: This nutrient potentially impacts slow thyroids since it reduces whole body inflammation. Research has also shown that turmeric use reduces the effects of chemicals given to hypothryoid patients.
  • Rhodiola: This herb support your adrenal glands and can help your body handle stress.

Life Extension Blood Testing

Here’s Jimmy Smith’s slow thyroid plan.

Week 1: Begin by getting your thyroid checked with this reliable blood test.

Week 2: Eliminate all nutrient devoid foods. No cookies, chips or breads. Lower your dairy and keep your pasta to one servings per week. Add in grass fed beef, organic chicken and multiple greens including kelp, seaweed, broccoli and kale.

Aim for 3 workouts this week lasting 30 minutes.


Week 3: Purchase these three supplements




Week 4: How are you doing on your diet? Need a meal plan idea?

Week 5: Increase your workouts by adding an extra 10 minutes per session but do not do any low intensity aerobic cardio.

Week 6: Purchase these vitamins

Vitamin D:take 5,000 IU’s

Vitamin B12

Vitamin E

Week 8: Get your thyroid blood panel redone

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