How Much Sun For Vitamin D?

You hear that you need vitamin D and you hear that you need sunshine to get your vitamin D. Well how much sun do you need for vitamin D?

The best way for us to get vitamin D is from the sun. Tanning beds are not safe. Our body will synthesize vitamin D when our skin absorbs ultra violent light. Even if you get a little sun in the harsh winter months, your body can actually store vitamin D.

Dr. Holick, who wrote the book “The Vitamin D Solution” advises that you stay in the sun until your skin turns pink. Then divide that time by anywhere from 25-50 percent, depending on your skin type then get out or apply sunscreen. I don’t advise that you use any regular old sunscreen. Most of the chemical sunscreens don’t effectivly block both the A and B rays from the sun.Only sunscreens with Zinc Oxide will block that both rays.

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