How to grow an organic garden

People love gardening especially in the summertime. As a matter of fact, I love it. I garden.

Growing a home garden is a great way to lose lower stomach fat and improve the speed of your fat loss.  You’ll grow your own herbs that lower stress and fight fat. Well what about growing an organic garden? How do we grow an organic garden?

Well since you grow your own garden, you can control everything. So without using nasty chemicals, here’s 3 ways to grow an organic garden.

The first step is to intercrop.  By growing a group of plants together in the same bed, you foster a good environment for beneficial insects (yes,there are some) as well as provide a more nutrient rich soil.

Step two is to compost. recycle your cores and peels into the soil to nourish and revitalize it for the next generation. This is a big time tip.

Lastly,  get creative! Crushed eggshells, vinegar, stale beer are all great options for keeping out slugs and snail. Garlic oil spray is also very effective for making sure your crops stay insect free.

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  1. Rose Gold
    8 years ago

    Organic farming is really beneficial to one’s health. Not only by having your exercise by doing the chores yourself but you are assured of your produce is safe from chemicals.

    Your posts will definitely give some insights for the would be organic farmer. I may just add one more tip to keep away those pesky pest, they can also use the pepper spray.

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