Is Diet Not Enough To Stop Heart Disease?

Got this question from a reader about heart disease. Is your diet enough to prevent heart disease?

Q: My doctor told me that I’m at a risk for atherosclerosis at 40 years old. My blood pressure and cholesterol is high as well. Can a diet help?

A: High cholesterol may be genetic but it is also related to the amount of body fat you carry or diabetes. LDL levels around 150 milligrams are considered low though you want it around 100 mg/dl.

Atherosclerosis is when plague builds up around your arteries. Once the arteries are blocked, oxygen is blocked to vital organs.These clots that are formed may break away and block oxygen elsewhere and deprive the brain and heart of oxygen as well.

Diet may not be enough for you. Keep having regular check-ups and have your doctor look at your thyroid levels which can help lower your cholesterol. Fish oil has been shown to lower cholesterol by 50% when taken upwards of 4 grams per day. Limit your high glycemic foods as well. Your goal should be fat loss and reducing stress.

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