Low Vitamin D Levels Lower Testosterone Levels

Everyone knows that vitamin D is an essential supplement for health these days but does vitamin D effect testosterone levels?

Vitamin D does directly effect everything from your fat loss to muscle gain to various other performance measures due to its affect on androgens (hormones). Well recent research is showing how vitamin D may actually play a role in upregulating various testosterone functions.

Vitamin D To Get Jacked?

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology did a study were they examined the relationship between vitamin D, testosterone and SHBG (sex hormone binding gloubin) in over 2,000 men!

SHBG binds to testosterone and makes it useless, regardless of how much “test” we have.  The researchers found that significant levels of vitamin D have higher levels of testosterone, free androgen index and  and significantly lower levels of SHBG. The subjects that had low levels of vitamin D had drastically lower levels of testosterone.

So what’s the key take away? Take 3,000-6,000 IU’s of vitamin D per day for increased testosterone, regardless of age and better health.

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  1. Raymond
    8 years ago

    Cool, I’ll look into this one… I don’t eat meat so I’m always looking at how to increase Testosterone naturally

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