Probiotics Change Your Genes

New and exciting research shows even more of the healing power of probiotics. Known as “good” bacteria, probiotics are starting to turn heads elsewhere in the medical field.

Here’s a video that I recently shot in my office talking about theadvantages of probiotics for athletes

Researchers have shown that probiotics can actually change our genes and cellular reactions in our intestines.

“Probiotics cause a local reaction in the mucosa of the small intestines,” said Prof Michiel Kleerebezem of NIZO food research. “These effects are similar to the effects of components that the pharmaceutical industry applies to medicines, but less strong.”

That’s very exciting research. Your genetic code isn’t predetermined at birth. Sure, it may affect how lean or muscular you can get but it doesn’t appear to affect how healthy or unhealthy you are.

They don’t just help our body assimilate and use food anymore. They can actually change our gene expression. Very exciting.

I HIGHLY recommend that you check out these probiotics.

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