Resveratrol improves health by lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and liver fat in 30 days

resveratrol lowers blood sugar

Doctors in the Netherlands(the study was published in the journal of Cell Metabolism) randomly gave overweight men either 150 mg’s of trans resveratrol or a placebo for 30 days.  They waited another 30 days after that with the subjects living a normal life without the supplement.

Resveratrol lowers blood press, blood sugar and liver fat in 30 days

Then they switched groups giving the men that had resveratrol in the past the placebo and the placebo group resveratrol.

Giving the obese men Resveratrol improved metabolism and reduced blood sugar and insulin levels, reduced fat storage in the liver, improved energy production by enhancing mitochondrial function, and reduced markers of inflammation in the blood. It also lowered their blood pressure.

Jimmy’s take: I’m not surprised by this at all as resveratrol has a history of showing promising effects on blood sugar as a potential way to reverse insulin resistance and lower inflammatory signaling pathways while dropping blood pressures. The fact that the study was done in obese men raises questions as being obese signals that you aren’t in good health. The researchers would of seen the same benefit by just dropping their carbohydrate intake. That being said resveratrol has proven for a while now that it can be helpful for these conditioning. It’s also interesting to see that they only use 150 mg’s of trans resveratrol. Some companies market that you must use between 200-300 mg’s for any potential benefit.

Resveratrol worked by mimicking the effects of a low-calorie diet with exercise in the obese men. The men were becoming metabolically healthier without yet going through weight loss. Obesity ups the risk of type 2 diabetes – a metabolic disease caused by insulin resistance. But after 30 days of Resveratrol, study subjects showed signs of improved insulin sensitivity.

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